The Cast Of ‘The Office’ Is At War & It’s All Due To Some Guy Named Stanley

It’s on for young and old amongst the cast of the much beloved The Office, and it’s all because of one single game of ice hockey and a bloke named Stanley.

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The story goes thusly: The NHL‘s coveted Stanley Cup is currently being decided in a tense, winner-take-all Game 7 matchup between the Boston Bruins and the St Louis Blues, after the teams reached a 3-3 deadlock in their best-of-seven series.

Now it just so happens that John Krasinski is a Boston boy through and through, while Jenna Fischer was raised in St Louis. Jim is a Bruins fan, while Pam sings the Blues. It’s a Halpert house divided.

Since the Stanley Cup final matchup was confirmed a couple of weeks ago, the internet has been aflame with various memes and GIFs and the like, all revolving around the same thing.

Krasinski and Fischer have been leaning into it on Twitter, chiding each other playfully at the start of the series. But now that it’s game 7, it’s gotten far more serious.

Fischer appeared on St Louis-area game broadcasts prior to the game to explain how deep the sporting rivalry between the two runs, and how it all started with a baseball World Series matchup while the show was still filming.

To which Krasinski returned serve, hinting at the Halpert disharmony.

And invite someone else he did, ethering Fischer by bringing Pam’s ex Roy aka David Denman to the game with him.

Worse still, Krasinski seems to have dragged Big Daddy Steve Carrell over to the dark side (Dark side = Boston sports).

It’s madness! Anarchy, I tell you! Will Scranton ever be the same??

For the time being, Fischer looks far more likely to score the last laugh; after one period the Blues lead Boston 2-0.

Team Pam. Let’s go Blues. Play Gloria. Fuck Boston sports forever.