The “Flight Attendant” Meme Is Sweeping Twitter To Roast Your Entire Career

It wasn’t that long ago that I was writing about the birth and miserable death of “OK Boomer”, a pleasant little retort against entitled dumb-dumbs, which was quickly meme-ified and wrung of all enjoyment on national television. Well, you can forget that shit, because we are currently experiencing a new meme life-cycle, right now, before our very tired eyes.

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The “Flight Attendant” meme, as I have so artlessly christened it, has grabbed Twitter by the throat over the past few hours. Its origin appears to be a tweet from Twitter product manager and comic artist Laura Gao, who imagined her dad roasting her during an airborne medical emergency:

What a fine nugget of content. Inoffensive, fun, and referential of a unique jobs market and familial pressures – two concepts which are all too familiar to the tweet’s young audience. Fortunately (or not) for Gao, the joke presents itself as an easily-edited template, allowing other jokesters to ad-lib their way into the viral discourse. In the hours since Gao’s post, legions of social media users have presented their own versions with new judgmental dads, ushering the joke into meme status:

An official New York Times account has also picked up on the trend. That’s an ominous portent for the natural lifespan of any meme, and suggests the format is not long for this world:

Gao herself has also spoken on the matter, addressing the unique dread which comes from spawning a viral tweet:

By the time you finish reading this sentence, the joke will have been well and truly pummelled into the dirt. No point in calling the doctor.