Azealia Banks hit peak Azealia Banks on a flight from New York to Los Angeles this week, flipping her shit on a member of the flight crew and calling him a “fucking faggot” in the altercation.

According to the accounts of people on the plane (via New York Times):

“… the fight began when a French couple was blocking the aisle as Banks was trying to get through. She tried to squeeze past them, but the man put his hand in her face. At this point, everything escalated: Banks allegedly spat in his face, punched him, and clawed at him.”

Her tussle with the flight crew began shortly after, at which point, someone did the only decent thing and whipped out their phone to film it, and now here we all are.

Banks briefly made her Twitter account private after incident, but is now back with a vengeance, although has not yet taken time out of her day to unblock us:

Photo: C Flanigan via Getty Images