‘Sinister-Looking Patrick’ Is The Next ‘SpongeBob’ Meme Spicin’ Up Twitter

Yes, this is now another thing on the internet. Once an innocent kids show, now the giver of memes, SpongeBob SquarePants has birthed another beauty. This time it’s the v. goofy and innocent Patrick Star but now he’s all twisted and lowkey looks like he’s about to smother someone alive. He’s also demanding everyone to confess their sins. Not even kidding. At least that’s how Twitter is responding to it.

This particular screenshot is from “Nature Pants”, season one, episode eighteen and is right before the moment Patrick pins SpongeBob to the seafloor so SpongeBob will stop thinking he’s a jellyfish. Now, that’s something I never thought I’d type out. Anyway, as seemingly innocent and kind-hearted the action seems to be, the screenshot is bloody creepy and without context, it’s potentially capable of ruining childhoods everywhere.

Though the image has been floating around the internet for a little time now, it’s suddenly resurfaced on Twitter as users have been posting the pic with some cheeky and other pretty shitty confessions. Twitter has affectionately and appropriately named the meme, ‘Sinister-Looking Patrick’ but other names include ‘Savage Patrick’, ‘Angry Patrick’, and ‘Evil Patrick’. Again, not kidding.

Here are some of the confessions:


(Totally haven’t done this one before.)

Definitely haven’t done this one before…

This one:

Just, same.

And then, to actually ruin your childhood – people have also been using Patrick to confess sexual confessions. Like this one (if you want to see it).

It seems 2018 has claimed its SpongeBob meme already but let’s not forget our meme roots.

In 2016, ‘Caveman SpongeBob’ graced our news feeds:


We also had ‘Confused Mr. Krabs’ in 2016 but people still relate to him today. Then in 2017 we had the very memorable ‘mocking SpongeBob’ as in ‘tHeSe aRn’t eVeN fUnNy’. Everyone’s kinda glad that one has passed…

Good stuff. I wonder what the 2019 SpongeBob meme will be.