No, The Robots At The Grand Final Parade Aren’t Next Year’s Drafts. Here’s Why They Were There

How bloody good is the footy? The only thing better is a day off work to actually watch the AFL footy grand final. And the parade is a delicious little cherry on top! God, it’s a good day to be in Melbourne with a cold one in hand. But those who decided to hold off on the brew jackmans until tonight’s big game may have noticed something kind of weird going on at the Toyota AFL Grand Final Parade this morning.

Along with the hustle and bustle, the screaming kids, festivities and I’m assuming a whole hoard of prams, there were a couple of strange, human-esque-looking punters outside the Bunnings tent.

No, they weren’t waiting for a snag. And sadly, they weren’t the new drafts joining Collingwood or the Brisbane Lions next year. Bummer.

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So, why were robots strutting around in an AFL parade?

These choppers were hanging out to show their support and promote 20th Century Studio‘s new film The Creator, of course!

While the idea of a couple of robots waiting for a sausage sizzle in the midst of a parade is friendly, family fun. The movie? Not so lighthearted. But if you’re fascinated with science fiction, or all things artificial intelligence, grab some popcorn and listen up because this film is certainly worth a trip to the movies.

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The Creator is set in a world that has been at war with AI for 10 years after the technology became so advanced that the computer beings detonated a bomb to wage war against the human race. Since then, humans have been on a mission to destroy all traces of AI from the earth. But when it’s discovered that the AI forces have acquired someone called the Creator, a dangerous and elusive being with the knowledge to create a weapon that could not only end the war but wipe the earth of human life completely, special forces operatives are put to task to hunt them down before it’s too late.

A damaged yet talented ex-special forces soldier named Joshua (John David Washington) accepts the mission. Joshua and his team of expertly trained operatives venture into the dangerous AI-occupied territory only to realise that the world-ending, devastating weapon that he’s been taught to fear and instructed to destroy is an AI being in the form of a child.

Aw how can you destroy that cutie? Maybe this is why I’m too soft for special ops. (Image Supplied)

Will Joshua’s human instincts kick in? Or is too much at stake?

Sounds fascinating, no?

You can check out the trailer for The Creator below.

You can catch The Creator RN at a cinema near you.