Circle, Message Chat: ‘Hey Guys, Why Does Everyone In S3 Really Fkn Love Eggs?’

the circle season 3 eggs

Alright folks, I’ve been binging Netflix’s The Circle season 3 this week and have come to a very obscure, but very on brand (for me), observation. The contestants this season really fkn love scrambled eggs.

I’m halfway through episode 10, “A Circle Divided”, right now and I’ve noticed that nearly every time there’s an alert, someone is eating something eggy.

James, who comes in at around episode 4, has scrambled eggs, tomatoes and bacon on toast—aka, ya classic Big Brekkie—at least once an episode.

the circle james
Eggxample A
the circle james
Aaand eggxample B. Spot the “Protect Black Women” slogan on the top left shirt here, this is taken from a different day to the other pic.

On two separate occasions, Nick is seen eating an omelette. First, on the morning of Calvin’s blocking and then again on the morning of Ruksana‘s and Jackson’s blocking.

the circle nick

the circle nick

Then, when the remaining members of The Circle learn that there won’t be any more new players going forward, we see a shot of Circle Queen Kai reacting to the news at her kitchen, and oh, what’s that on the kitchen counter? A FUCKING EGG.

the circle kai
Alright, I see bacon, eggs… I think I know what’s going on here.

Mere minutes later, when she’s sitting down, you can see that she isn’t even eating eggs. She’s having pancakes with bacon and blueberries. So, why was an egg out on display, hmm? Riddle me this, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings?

the circle kai
Hang on, what the fuck? This is a pan-fakeout if I ever saw one. I smell a stunt.

Even Daniel, our beloved 20-year-old chaotic gay, tries to make a pancake at one point and accidentally drenches it in so much butter that it ends up looking like a very thin omelette. Or as he puts it best during a gay cooking panic: “It looks like a freaking taco or a burrito”.

the circle daniel pancake
Me coming out of lockdown, etc, etc.

For real, I’m starting to think that Netflix just supplied each contestants’ fridge with nothing but breakfast food.

Anyway, all of this is to say that it’s put forth the question: Is The Circle season 3 Netflix’s egg propaganda machine? Mayhaps. Is it working? Yes. Good thing that I can finally go to a cafe and chow down on some eggy bois.

While we’re on the topic, hurry up and make The Circle: Australia already Netflix you absolute cowards. You can catch the full third season of The Circle on Netflix.