All The Spicy Deets You Need To Know About ‘The Bold Type’ Season 3

Better kiss your mates goodbye for now ‘coz the highly anticipated third season of Stan-exclusive series The Bold Type is here so you’re about to become lost in the fabulous New Yorker lifestyles of the three leading ladies.

To assist your viewing needs, we’ve answered all the burning questions you may have about what’s to come.

Now, in the words of queen Jacqueline Carlyle, go forth and “unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back…” from watching season three.

For the love of all that is good and pure, WHEN does it start?

Riiiight now, friends!

Yep, the first episode of season three arrived only on Stan today, the same day as the U.S., with new episodes dropping weekly.

Drop what you’re doing and go check out the epic season premiere.

Is there a trailer to give us a taste of what’s to come this season?

There sure is, mate.

‘Ave a go at it below:

Are all our faves returning?

Hell yeah!

All the main players are returning including Jane (Katie Stevens), Kat (Aisha Dee), Sutton (Meghann Fahy), Richard (Sam Page), Alex (Matt Ward), Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore) and, of course, Jacqueline (Melora Hardin).

Are there any fresh faces?

There sure are. Two new characters are reportedly coming to town to stir things up and add some ~drama~ to the season.

First up we have the tall, dark and handsome Peter Vack (Homeland, The Blacklist) joining the cast as Patrick Duchand, the new Scarlet Magazine employee who is described by Deadline as a “magnetic, fearless, and whip-smart new staffer.”

His appointment to the brand is controversial and particularly ticks off Jane who can be seen in the trailer having a rant about the appointment.

“They chose a man to run digital at a woman’s magazine,” she says and go IN, sis.

And then there’s newcomer Alexis Floyd as Tia Clayton, a “smart and driven campaign manager for a local city council candidate.”

Tia Clayton (left) befriends Kat after she volunteers for city council

Which spicy storylines will be explored this season? (Spoiler free, pls)

Jane’s big BF decision: The last time we saw Jane, she was in a tough sitch as Pinstripe had finally confessed his feelings for her but at the same time, Ben proved he’s ready to commit to her. What a conundrum.

According to Katie Stevens (the IRL Jane), Jane’s love life is highlighted in the next season and while she couldn’t give Refinery 29 any direct spoilers, she assured fans that we’re in for a treat.

“It’s still going,” she said. “One of her overall arcs [this season] is what a real millennial relationship looks like for two people who are really committed to their jobs. And, what it looks like when one person is successful versus the other one, or when they’re both successful at the same time. Right now, the episodes we’re on, we’re processing through that.”

Kat’s foray into politics: Kat has perhaps been the most politically minded mate since the start of the series and in this season she goes one step further by joining the city council.

As seen in the trailer, Kat explains how she “went in to volunteer on this campaign for city council and left as the candidate.”

“We’re going to see Kat get more involved in local politics,” Aisha Dee, the Aussie legend who plays Kat, told the media outlet.

“I think — or I hope — a lot of people watching the show will be inspired by that. To get involved however you can. Whether that means running for office or just going out and actually voting in primaries.”

We stan a strong and powerful political queen.

Sutton’s new path: Your girl had quite the fairytale ending at the conclusion of the last season, didn’t she?

She went to Paris, her love life progressed and she scored a new job. So now what?

“She’s like, ‘Okay, cool, so now I’m an assistant. I don’t want to be an assistant for the rest of my life. What do I want to do?,’” Meghann Fahy says. “Does she want to be Oliver when she grows up? Does she want to do something else?”

And as for her new boyfriend Richard, it sounds like he’ll be going through his own struggles this season.

“What we are going to be seeing is how [their relationship] affects Richard. Sutton has spent a lot of time contemplating how it could affect her in all of the negative ways. Richard didn’t because he never had to think about it,” Fahy says. “We get to see that play out.”

Tense times at Scarlet Magazine: After publishing that scandalous takedown piece about the shitty health insurance at Scarlet, Jacqueline faced serious consequences and her employment status now hangs in the balance.

As per the season three trailer, some bloke has been hired to take on the digital team which causes some controversy, especially among our heroes.

A new love interest for Kat: While Aisha reveals that the Kadena breakup will defo be explored in the next season, don’t expect her to be crying into her pillow and stuffing herself with comfort food.

“We’re gonna see [the breakup] come back up again and explore it in a different way,” Dee teased. “When you fall out of love with someone else, you kind of have to rediscover the love for yourself first. So we’re going to get to see that.”

She adds, “We’re gonna see a new romance. That’s actually very exciting, and I think people are going to really love it. Because I know I do.”

The Bold Type season three is now streaming only on Stan.