‘Bachie’ Producers Reportedly “Furious” At Bois For Blowing Food Budget On Protein Powder

While most normal The Bachelorette viewers ponder the regular questions about the show (like who is gonna win Angie Kent’s heart?), I have my own slew of queries.

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Things like what do the blokes do all day to pass the time? What’s the sleeping sitch like? And perhaps most importantly, what’s the go with food? Is it a hotel buffet-style vibe everyday or are they forced to fend for themselves like Survivor?

A new report by Woman’s Day revealed that the blokes are collectively given an allowance of $2000 a day to spend on grub.

Sounds reasonable enough I guess, right?

Well according to the report, the blokes have blown the budget, leaving “furious” TV producers with no choice but to cap their spending.

Bachelorette, Angie Kent

Unsurprisingly, the fitness-obsessed lads reportedly ate way too many meals and dropped a fuck ton of dosh on exxy protein powders.

Producers have reportedly put the blokes on a diet of cheap frozen meals and two-minute noodles to fight the great food budget crisis of Bachie 2019.

Another report by the mag claims that producers were surprised to discover tanning injections in one of the contestants’ rooms.

Crew members allegedly found vials of melanin, a synthetic hormone that is injected via a needle into the skin to give the user a deeper tan.

Daily Mail reports that the drug is legal in Aus so the guys weren’t necessarily doing anything wrong and it certainly does explain how most of them look like the cover of a Danielle Steel novel.