A Taylor Swift Fan Listed Her Eras Tour ‘22’ Hat On eBay For $20K And Swifties Are Fkn Fuming

L: eBay listing of Taylor Swift Eras Tour 22 hat selling for 20K. R: Taylor Swift at Eras Tour giving a fan the 22 hat.

Swifties have gone absolutely feral after a recipient of Taylor Swift’s coveted “22” hat tried to sell it on eBay for $20,000. The pop star chooses one person to receive her hat at each Eras Tour show during the song “22”, with Jeana Linzy’s little sister receiving it during the New Jersey concert in May 2023. 

Jeana shared a clip on TikTok last year, showing her little sister holding her hands up in a heart shape before receiving Taylor’s black bowler hat and a high-five. 

A die-hard Swiftie spotted the eBay listing – which has since been deleted – and shared it on X (formerly known as Twitter), racking up over 6.5 million views. 

“OMG someone is selling the 22? Hat?! Ugh I hate people!!!” they wrote. 

2 screenshots of the eBay listing where a fan is selling the taylor swift 22 hat from the eras tour for $20K

Not sure why she didn’t list it for $22,000. (Image: eBay)

The listing is for the Taylor Swift signed hat from the Met Life Stadium concert, with the girl’s family specifying the money “will go towards her collage [sic] fund”. Which, to be fair, would be quite a good trade for a hat. 

The star has performed 90 shows so far across five continents, so while it’s a special experience to be given the “22” hat, there will be over 100 hats given out during the Eras Tour. 

Her sister appears to have deleted her TikTok account, with the bio reading: “The girl who got Taylor Swift’s hat.”

A message that appears to be from the girl’s mother was circulated on X, saying it was the recipient’s decision to sell the hat. 

“If she decides she doesn’t want to sell it the listing will be [taken] down. I honour my kids’ decisions so even if she [doesn’t] go to college she can use this money for a head start in her life and or business that she chooses,” the message read. 

Taylor Swift fan reaches out to Jeana over “22” hat controversy

While some Swifties were furious, an X user messaged Jeana in case the family had fallen victim of a scam. 

“Hey this is random and I don’t mean to bother you but I found your Insta through the TikTok of your sister getting the ‘22’ hat. I just wanted to let you know that these pics are ALL over Twitter right now because it looks like someone on eBay is selling her ‘22’ hat,” she wrote.

“The eBay account looks sketchy so I personally think it’s a scammer that took photos from your TikTok. I just keep seeing people posting stuff blaming her parents for selling the hat and idk if that’s the case or not but I just thought you should be aware.”

Jeana replied, saying: “Yes that is our listing thank you.”

Screenshots of messages sent to the Taylor Swift fan's family

Swifties had absolutely no chill. (Image: X @longlivedebut & @abszspencer

After receiving the response, the Swiftie unleashed on X. 

“It literally breaks my heart. I hope [her sister] joins stan Twitter in a few years and drops the tea lmao,” she wrote. 

“She is so young and was so happy in that video that there is no way she just wanted to sell it on her own. Someone had to convince her. If she’s actually a diehard Swiftie like it seems, she’s gonna regret that so hard.”

Swifties share outrage over the family’s choice

Swifties quickly flooded X with comments, saying the family was “disgusting” for their decision. 

“So, so, so, soooo disapppointing. People like this don’t deserve tickets to a show, much less the ‘22’ hat,” one person wrote.

“This is why Taylor needs to stop picking children for the hat every time and instead pick long-time true fans who will appreciate it more,” another added.

“My daughter is 11 and has been working on a letter for a month asking Taylor about the ‘22’ hat at our show (she’s autistic and it’s taking her a bit to [explain] how she wants it). I want to cry thinking about how a parent could do this to their child,” a third said. 

“Livid. This is so gross,” another remarked. 

Taylor Swift giving a young fan the 22 hat during The Eras Tour

The “22” hat recipients are usually pretty stoked. (Image: Getty)

However, others said naming and shaming the family was a step too far. 

“IMO this is an example of the fandom going overboard. While most of us wouldn’t do this, why do y’all bully someone into changing their personal decision based on your personal feelings? What an ick,” a Swiftie wrote.

“Why are you guys making a big deal out of this, I mean you don’t even know what family events led to this sale, it won’t lessen her experience as she’s lived it/has pictures and video etc, and the buyer is probably not looking to ‘tell a story’ but rather build a collection?” another asked. 

“Ok this is wild but I don’t think people should be harassing the family online… even if you disagree (which I do). Messaging strangers on the internet is weird. It’s their choice. Also this little girl might not even care, not all the kids who get the hat are actually Swifties IMO,” a third added. 

After all the drama, the hat was removed from eBay. So if you’re still fuming over hat-gate, perhaps “You Need To Calm Down”.

Feature image: eBay & TikTok @jeanalinzyy