Fans Think Taylor Swift Gave Us Spicy Clues On Stage About Her Breakup With Joe Alwyn

As we all now know, Taylor Swift is a newly single lady after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn. While us normies would probably be wallowing in our bedrooms and re-watching Harry Potter, or smooching strangers on sticky club dancefloors, fans are convinced that Taylor’s method of healing is subtly shading her ex through tiny gestures and songs in her latest Eras Tour gigs.

This weekend, Swift performed three shows in Houston, Texas, and during one of the shows, eagle-eyed fans think they spotted some very intentional shade being cast at Alwyn.

The Eras Tour sees Swift go through all of the eras of her career, and at one point, she interacts with performers who all represent a different album from her discography. During the second show in Houston, she approached the performer representing the Lover album, and held a big ol’ “L” hand sign up to her forehead.

You know, the old loser taunt you’d see in the playground. That one. And thankfully, a fan got it on film.

Previously, Swift has commented to Vogue that the 2019 album Lover was “a love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory,” and the general consensus between fans is that the album was based on her relationship with Alwyn.

This led many fans at the concert to believe that the “loser” hand sign was a comment on their breakup. However, other Swifties who have seen the show in different locations have claimed that she has done the same gesture in reference to the performers representing Red and Fearless before, whatever that means.

But that’s not the only bit from the Houston gig’s that had Swifties talking.

During each performance on the Eras Tour, Swift steps away from her setlist and picks a surprise song from her extensive discography to play. During this performance, she chose her 2008 banger “You’re Not Sorry” from the album Fearless, which details a break up with a really shitty partner.

She introduced the song by saying it was a song she recently “re-fell in love with.”


The thing is, while the song choice and little gesture seems like it would just be a spur of the moment decision for most artists, that’s not the case for our fiery Sagittarius queen.

T-Swizz is known for the intentional way she approaches ~everything~.

From sneaky clues on social media, dance moves and outfit choices, everything is so heavily curated that her fans know even the tiniest gesture is sure to mean something.

Plus, the Eras Tour has been so heavily filmed and posted on social media that the fans know the setlist, gimmicks and entire schtick before they even set foot in the stadium. When she bypasses her usual choreography, her fans clock on to it immediately.

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On TikTok, fans are taking these two lil’ signs as just more evidence that Alwyn did the pop princess dirty.

Previously, fans have noted that Swift’s childhood bestie, Abigail Lauren and a bunch of her pals unfollowed Alwyn on Instagram following the split. And, in her first pap pics since the break up, she was spotted wearing a jeans with a bedazzled butterfly on them. Not only was it a cute style choice, she’s commented in the past that she’s worn butterfly motifs to represent “breaking away from darkness.”

Sadly, I think it’s unlikely that we’ll ever find out exactly what went on between the fiercely private former couple but judging by Swift’s public fondness for easter eggs and hints, I think if we read between the lines we’ll be able to find out some tea.

Obscure tea that we should take with a grain of salt, but tea nonetheless.