Swifties Reckon Tay Was Sending Us A Message With The Fit She Wore To Her 1st Post-Split Outing

Yesterday, Taylor Swift was spotted for the first time since the announcement that she and Joe Alwyn had split up after six years together.

Tay was spied getting dinner in New York with her celeb besties, collaborator Jack Antonoff and his soon-to-be missus, actress Margaret Qualley.

Have a peek at the piccies HERE.

Fans were absolutely LIVING for how freaking hot and unbothered she looks.


One fan theory that has emerged regarding her sick fit is that the bejewelled lewk is a nod to her song “Bejewelled.”

In Tay’s most recent single that appeared on her hit album Midnights, she sings about ditching her beau to go out and shine all on her own. It’s even been theorised that this song was written about Joe as the breakup has been a long time coming.

Fans also pointed out that Taylor may or may not be wearing the iconic “J” necklace that she got as a tribute to her now-ex bae, which has sparked rumours that the breakup might be BS.


A bunch of folks have weighed in online, as shared by via goss monger Deuxmoi.

“For those not in the know, Taylor Swift started wearing this silver Tiffany necklace with a ‘J’ in 2016, and sang ‘I wear his initial on a chain around my neck’ on Reputation, as well as tapping it in videos — all confirming it’s about Joe,” Swiftie Kaitlyn Blythe wrote on Twitter.

Deuxmoi even signalled the help of Tiffany employers to weigh in on whether or not it’s the same necklace.

“Doesn’t look like the same necklace,” an ex-Tiffany employee wrote.

A current Tiffany employee agreed that the necklace Taylor Swift wore to dinner looks like a different one to the famous “J” necklace.

This has sparked a debate on whether or not the sighting was a PR stunt by Miss Swift or a total coincidence.

A pop culture guru pointed out that Taylor Swift always wants to “control the narrative, so the fact that paparazzi photos of her were just released signals to me that she was not the one behind the leak of the breakup news and she’s probably not happy about it.”

Another person pointed out that the restaurant she was spotted at is a celeb hotspot, therefore this could not have been “an accident” and she wanted to be spied looking hawt while out and about with her pals.

And get this: Just Jared revealed that the restaurant where they dined is just a few blocks away from Cornelia Street, the title of one of Taylor‘s songs on the Lover album which is believed to be about Joe.

In the song, Taylor sings: “I’ll never walk Cornelia Street again.”

I guess this is her way of saying that she’ll happily walk Cornelia Street, despite the split?

On Monday, PEOPLE reported that Taylor and Joe broke up due to “differences in their personalities.”

“They’ve had rough patches before and always worked things out, so friends thought they would take some time apart but eventually come back together,” the source claimed.

The insider, who is believed to be close to the couple, reckons that they “ultimately weren’t the right fit for one another” due to Joe struggling with Taylor’s level of fame.

“The differences in their personalities have also become harder to ignore after years together. They’ve grown apart,” the insider said, adding that Taylor didn’t see them “working out in the long run”.

“They are friendly. She doesn’t have anything bad to say about Joe. They just grew apart. Taylor is staying very focused on her tour right now,” the source claimed.

An insider previously told Entertainment Tonight that “the relationship had just run its course. It’s why [Joe] hasn’t been spotted at any shows.”

More ~sources~ weighed in to shed some light on WTF happened. Per CNN, a “source close to Taylor” said that “Taylor and Joe broke up a few weeks ago. They simply grew apart and plan to remain friends.”

Meanwhile PEOPLE, considered the holy grail of US goss outlets, also independently confirmed the split via a “source close to the couple”. Basically, a celeb story ain’t true if it’s not on PEOPLE.

RIP Taylor and Joe. What a time, you were.

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