A Bunch Of Taylor Swift’s Famous Mates Have Unfollowed Her Ex, So Did He Do Her Dirty Or What?

A bunch of Taylor Swift‘s mates have unfollowed her ex of six years, Joe Alwyn, on Instagram and hooooo boy, I’ll never get tired of this tea.

Following the news of their breakup on April 8, many fans are still in mourning. After all, how can you write an album like Lover and NOT be with that person forever?

True love is officially DEAD.

While people have been speculating as to why Joe and Tay called it quits, who did the dumping, and if there’s any sneaky bad blood between the two, eagled-eyed fans have noticed that five of Tay’s friends have unfollowed the actor, leading to speculation about how amicable the breakup really is.

The most obvious unfollows lie in all three of Taylor’s famous music bestie trio, HAIM. Este, Danielle and Alana Haim have all hit the unfollow button, while their official band account still follows Joe.

While that is good tea, it gets even better.

After images surfaced of Tay grabbing dinner with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, fans were quick to notice Reynolds looking rather cheeky, staring directly at the camera as if he just got the biggest bunch of tea he’s heard in like, a decade.

Shockingly, fans soon noticed that Reynolds joined The Great Unfollowing, no longer following Joe.

In a flurry of TikToks, fans hypothesised about the nature of the photos — and what TF Ryan knows.


HE DEF KNOWS SOMETHING BC LOOK AT HIS FACE AND THE FACT THAT HE UNFOLLOWED JOE RIGHT AFTER THEIR DINNER #taylorswift #taylorsversion #erastour #ryanreynolds #blakelively

♬ I Know Something You Don’t, I Know Something You Will Never Know – MADAX

“Immediately after this Ryan unfollowed Joe. So much tea was spilled on that dinner table,” one eagled-eyed fan commented.

Another hypothesised about Ryan’s motive, theorising that he knew Swifties were about to lose their collective shit over the photo.

“Ryan was like ‘hey hey wanna do something funny that’ll make them feral’ then unfollowed Joe cause that’s Ryan behaviour,” they said.

“This is the ‘I think he knows’ face,” another said, referencing the absolute BOP.


But some other unfollows add fuel to the fire that more is behind the breakup than we initially thought, including the idea that Joe might have done Tay dirty.

After all, Taylor’s only brother, Austin Swift, is among those that unfollowed the actor. Thou hast not felt fury until they have dealt with a scorned sibling.

However, Alwyn is still following Reynolds, Austin Swift, and the Haim sisters’ accounts.

The mass exodus comes after Joe was papped out in public for the first time since the news of the breakup broke, dramatically being described as “forlorn”.

Other celebs like Jack Antonoff and Gigi Hadid still follow Joe… for now.