UK Drag Race’s Tayce Got Tizzied Up As Kath Day-Knight & No One Held A Candle To It, Sweets

Tayce on RuPaul's Drag Race UK & Jane Turner in Kath & Kim

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK played homage to an Australian icon on Friday’s episode, when Tayce dressed up as Jane Turner from Kath & Kim for Snatch Game.

Yes, Welsh queen Tayce dressed up as Kath Day-Knight herself, with her bright powerwalking shell suit, bright makeup and tight blonde perm.

While her Aussie accent sometimes faltered, Tayce put her own distinct spin on Kath. She riffed with RuPaul, Michelle Visage and Gemma Collins, using some of Kath’s most memorable phrases: calling RuPaul a “great hunk of spunk” or talking about being attracted to a “real foxy moron”.

As we all know, the love of Kath’s life is the inimitable butcher, Kel Knight. So, ofc, when asked to fill-in-the-blank about sausages, she replied: “I love me a good sausage. I’ve been talking about it all night.”

When she got a question right (like the sausage Q), she could “feel it in [her] waters”, nodding her head and clasping her hands in a perfect impression of Kath.

But the perfect Tayce twist on Kath Day-Knight came when she started to talk about her ideal type of man, a “real chook”, as she wrote.

“I like a bit of beefcake, a man who’s really into their sport,” she explained.

But a perplexed RuPaul asked her, “Isn’t a chook a chicken?”

“Excuse me, Ru. Are you talking about my chooky neck?” she replied, immediately on the defensive, before standing up and bobbing her head around like when Kim accused Kath of having a chooky neck. It was art.

Clearly Tayce took the time to study this high point in Aussie culture by bingeing Kath & Kim on UK Netflix. We love to see it.

“I loved everything Tayce did in that Snatch Game. She freakin’ nailed it,” Michelle Visage said when the judges offered their feedback.

“Other people who have done characters like that would just rely totally on the material, but she sat into the material. That made it not just an imitation,” RuPaul added.

RuPaul herself demonstrated that she too watches Kath & Kim when she told Tayce she was safe: “Your Snatch Game was noice, different, unusual.”

Sharing footage from the episode to Instagram over the weekend, Tayce shared that there were plenty more classic lines that didn’t make it into the episode. And she proved herself to be a mega fan, binge-watching the series about once a year. Same, girl, same.

“[L]oook at moooiiiiii! now I’ve got two words to say to you…. SNATCH GAME!,” she began. 

“I had to much fun bringing the iconic Kath Day-Knight to @dragraceukbbc kath and is one of my all time favourite shows! I binge watch it probably once a year! I had so many iconic quotes but they didn’t make the cut, telling ru to look at moiii, and asking him which one of my earrings was the nicest, the most different and the most unuuuusual, talking about Kel’s sausagy fingers, POOR SHARON!

“[T]he list goes on, regardless I had an amaaaazzzing time! especially as I went into it absolutely kacking my pants, but the minute I put that crowning glory on my head I just felt ready ✨” 

I would pay good money to see Tayce perform all her Kath Day-Knight material over Zoom.

You can catch up on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK on Stan. And you can watch all of Kath & Kim on Netflix.