Drag Race Down Under has been an absolute boon for a variety of reasons, one of them being that the local queens have been tizzing themselves up as Aussie heroes from Bindi Irwin to Kath Day-Knight. The latter was brought to life by blue-haired cutie Art Simone who dazzled us by dressing up as the Kath & Kim matriarch in a recent ep, and now she’s peppered Instagram with a bunch of stunning piccies that I wish to have printed and framed toot suite, ploise.

There’s, of course, the infamous lawn chair piccie and NEXT we have some assorted photos where she can be seen wearing the beloved Aussie cork hat.


Art Simone also created a stunning IGTV that shows her in her Kath Day-Knight get-up, crafting an edible sculpture out of Vegemite and can it get more bloody Aussie than this?

The answer is no, it cannot, and that’s why we love it so.


While I have ya, we had a noice interview with Drag Race Down Under star Art Simone the other week, so while you’re down this fabulous rabbithole, why not have a peek?

The brand new episode of Drag Race Down Under is now streaming on Stan.

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