Tara Reid Trying To Recruit Nicole Kidman For Her New Film Via Instagram Is Pure Chaotic Energy

tara reid

Tara Reid, of Sharknado fame, is very publicly pleading for Nicole Kidman to work with her on an upcoming film and I simply must commend her on shooting her damn shot.

It all kicked off a few days ago when Nicole – Aussie legend and Academy Award-winning actress – shared a still from her new show The Undoing on Instagram.

“You are truly amazing in everything you do. I’ve been a huge fan forever. Hopefully one day we can work together soon. I’m producing a movie Masha’s Mushroom it staring Vivica Fox, Billy Zane, Beverly Deangelo, myself Tara Reid, Sade and others it truly an amazing script,” Tara wrote in a lengthy comment.

“I would love for you to read it. Shoreline and Universal are doing it. It’s a franchise of 5 films. If you can follow me so I can tell you more. Kindly, Tara.”

Honestly, you have to applaud Tara for her dedication to the hustle here.

Sure, she could’ve contacted Nicole’s agent. Or perhaps she could’ve used one of her Hollywood connections to set up a meeting.

But why do that when Instagram is *free*, right?

We don’t know much about the film yet, but Deadline reports that it’s a suspense thriller about a “workaholic mother who tries to throw the perfect party for her daughter.”

However, in a fun plot twist,  all of the guests are unknowingly drugged and need to learn to differentiate between what is real and what is a hallucination in order to survive the night.

“I’m so excited about producing and making this film. It’s truly gonna be amazing visually and the characters are incredible. I also can’t wait to work with my director and business partner White Cross,” Reid told Deadline earlier this year.

“It’s also exciting that I’m making another franchise. It’s really great to be on both sides as a producer and actress.”

There’s no word yet on whether Nicole has decided to read the script, but she’s not following Tara on Instagram, so I’m going to assume she won’t be making a cameo.