‘Sharknado’ Is Coming To A Meaty End With A Time-Travelling Finale

Sad news for those of you who like your cinema as inexplicably trashy as possible: The daringly defiant Sharknado series is finally coming to an end.

SyFy has reportedly shone a blinding green light on the as-yet un-titled Sharknado 6, which will also serve as the final film in the wildly popular windy bite fish film series.

Better still, the sixth and final Sharknado film will pay homage to the films that chewed their way through the world before it by featuring a time travel-based storyline. Because of course.

As those ardent fans among you will no doubt recall, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming concluded with the literal end of the world, with intrepid fish-bashing hero Finn wandering the the remains of Earth alone.

In the final instalment, Finn will travel back in time and attempt to stop the OG Sharknado storm that set Earth on the path to apocalypse, in an attempt to save the planet from its grisly fate.

Don’t lie. You’re keen to watch that, aren’t you.

Ian Ziering is already signed on to return to the role of Finn for one more round, and series mainstays Tara ReidVivica A. Fox, and Cassie Scerbo are also confirmed to return.

Anthony C. Ferrante, the man who directed all five other Sharknado films and the man whose continued omission from the Best Director Oscars category is a fucking crime, will bring the series to a close in the director’s chair.

As usual, expect a murderer’s row of cameos from god-knows-who in the finale, which you’d think they’d go all out on.

I’m not saying The Rock should make an appearance in it, but The Rock should absolutely make an appearance in it.

‘Course all that said, nothing is gonna come close to the champagne acting skills exhibited in number five by our own Karl Stefanovic.

You can’t teach chops like that.

Sharknado 6, which will likely cop a pun sub-title, does not have a release date as of yet.