WHOOPSIE: Tammy Hembrow’s The Latest Influencer To Be Busted For A Copy & Paste Fail On IG

Another day, another influencer accidentally copy and pasting PR details into their Instagram ads. This time the culprit was Tammy Hembrow, famed nemesis of Kylie Jenner.

Insta account @influencer.updates.au (what would we do without them) first spotted the mistake and shared it on their story.

In short, Tammy posted an Insta story about a retreat in Bali she’s involved with. In the vid, she explained what the retreat will involve, including workouts and Q&As with her.

In the video there was text breaking down the deets of the retreat. You know, like your classic “daily sunrise meditation” and “fun activities such as sunrise hike, areal yoga, secluded beaches and more”.

I have to assume that’s supposed to read “aerial yoga” because I sat pondering what “areal yoga” could be for a solid ten minutes.

But two of the activities were clearly copy and pasted from an email or text.

One read “daily workouts with yourself and the team” while the other said “Q&A with yourself”. Now, my detective hat is on and I am deducing this mystery.

It seems pretty clear that Tammy was supposed to edit the text to read “me” instead of “yourself”.

Look, we’ve all been there. I’m pretty sure everyone has a list of funny potential Instagram captions written down in their notes app. And maybe occasionally, you copy and paste the wrong bit. Such is life.

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Celeb Spellcheck 2.0 spotted Emilee Hembrow, Tammy’s sister, in a similar bind back in 2021.

In an Insta ad for skincare company Esmi, Hembrow wrote (or pasted): “Esmi new image approved they want the swipe across is the image of the bottle though please and here is the amended caption”.

No one in their right mind would pay me for an Instagram post, but this is truly an excellent reminder to always double check those bloody captions.