After Kylie Jenner announced that she’d named her new bub Wolf, everyone was v. pleased for her. All except for a certain Aussie influencer: one Tammy Hembrow.

Following Kylie’s sweet baby announcement, social became flooded with comments in which fans accused Kylie of knocking off the name of Tammy’s six-year-old son Wolf Hawkins.

In the days following Kylie’s post, Tammy stoked the flames of the feud rumour by sharing a pic with her son and captioning it, “My Wolf.”

She also replied to a comment about the alleged name theft on TikTok, writing: “Actually liking the name Stormi at the moment,” implying that she’s going to steal the name of Kylie’s other kid for her unborn baby.

Fans Reckon Kylie Jenner’s Decision To Change Her Bb’s Name Has Something To Do W/ Tammy Hembrow

Credit: TikTok / Tammy Hembrow.

Then, last week, she shared a piccy and captioned it: “Wolfie’s mom.”

Following all this hoopla, Kylie announced earlier this week that she had decided to change her bub’s name, claiming the title didn’t “feel” like the kid anymore.


Fans have taken this to mean that she changed Wolf’s name as a result of the flak she copped from Tammy.

The whole thing made international news when Tammy started kicking up a stink, hitting the likes of Daily Mail, Life & Style, The Sun and The New York Post.

In The New York Post’s article about the ~rumoured~ baby name bust-up, they chatted to the CEO and founder of Jennifer Morris who said that it was “pretty egregious.”

“You can’t copyright or retain exclusive rights to a proper first name unless it’s trademarked and used for business purposes,” she said.

“So a parent can have the ‘I did it first’ bragging rights, but beyond that, and maybe some hurt feelings, there’s no recourse.”

She added, “We’ve seen many families torn apart over [name-sniping], especially when siblings are fighting over a name,” she added. “And so many friendships have been completely destroyed.”

That being said, there’s absolutely no love lost here given Kylie and Tammy’s history.

As you’ll remember, Tammy Hembrow was once good mates with the Kar-Jenner klan.

She starred in various campaigns with Khloé Kardashian for her denim brand Good American and was even invited to Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday.

Yes, that birthday party. The one where Tammy allegedly collapsed and had to be carried out in stretcher (she’s fine, folks. DW!).

Following the incident, Kylie unfollowed Tammy on Instagram and Kris Jenner insisted that she has no idea who Tammy is or why she was at the party.

Good American and Khloé Kardashian also seemingly cut ties with Tammy after the incident.

Since Tammy’s son Wolf was around when she was mates with the fam, it’s likely that Kylie heard the name way back when and decided to hold onto it for her eventual children.

But then again, while Wolf is a unique name, it’s hardly original and Kylie pretty much could’ve heard it anywhere. Just saying!

Meanwhile we’re still waiting to see what Kylie’s new name for the kid is. She’s probs holding off until after Tammy gives birth so there’s no overlap.

What a mess!