The Trailer For A24’s New Aussie Horror Flick Has Just Dropped & Ppl Are Losing Their Shit

Take a quick scroll through TikTok lately and you’re bound to be met with a bunch of people absolutely going apeshit over the trailer of Talk To Me, an Australian horror flick from renowned studio A24.

It’s understandable. The flick has already been dubbed the scariest movie of the year by many, and the news that A24 has picked up an Australian film is news so big, it has people screaming streuth, bloody oath, etc.

Already, Talk To Me has an almost perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes at 97 per cent fresh.

Surprisingly, it’s being directed by twin filmmaker brothers and YouTube sensations, RackaRacka (yeah, the same blokes that used to make Ronald McDonald parody vids).

After making its premiere at Adelaide Film Festival, the horror made the rounds at Sundance Film Festival and SXSW, garnering attention for being the scariest thing people have seen in a long time.

A24 has also just dropped the trailer for the flick, and honestly, it looks so fucked up (in the best possible way).

Take a look:

Naturally, the internet has lost its shit over the trailer, with many being concerned over the fate of the dog.

“Not watching until someone tells me the lil scrumptious dog is okay”, one TikTok comment read.

Another Tiktoker described the movie as “the most fucked up movie experience I have ever had.”

“Think about how fucked up the head scene from Heridatary was,” the TikToker said. “It was that for an hour and a half.”

Honestly, if that’s not selling it, then what is?


I dont know what happens to someone for them to make a movie like this #a24 #horror #film

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Another Twitter user spoke about how much it fucked them up, and how they felt “hollowed out” by this movie.

Yes, just what the doctor ordered.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Talk To Me, because holy shit Australia is about to get an A24 film omgomgomg.

What’s Talk To Me About?

Talk To Me follows Mia (Sophie Wilde), a young woman who hangs out with some pals who, naturally, decide to have a séance with a mysterious embalmed hand that promises to let them talk to spirits.

Of course, shit hits the fan after the boundary between the real and supernatural world begins collapsing, with supernatural visions beginning to haunt Mia.

Basically, it’s gonna be creepy and spooky and goosebump-inducing and sleep’s #1 enemy.

Who Is A24?

For those not ~in the know~, A24 are the hot kids on the block when it comes to everything film.

A24 is the studio behind the Oscar-winning (and even that feels like an understatement) Everything Everywhere All At Once, and has produced a bunch of top-notch gems, including The Whale and Lady Bird. 

But their horror is really where the party’s at. They’ve delivered some of the best horror flicks of the last decade, including Midsommar and Hereditary (protect yo’ neck).

Basically, for film wankers like myself, they’re a really, really big deal.

That’s why it’s even bigger of a deal that they picked up an Aussie flick, guaranteeing that all eyes are going to be on the Australian horror movie scene (which is really fkn good, may I add).

Who Is In The Cast Of Talk To Me?

The cast is filled to the brim with fresh Aussie talent that is guaranteed to be the next big thing.

Sophie Wilde will lead the charge as the character of Mia. Alexandra Jensen joins her as Jade, Joe Bird as Riley, Otis Dhanji as Daniel, Zoe Terakes as Hayley, Chris Alosio as Joss, and Miranda Otto as Sue (yes, that’s Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings).

The film is directed by Adelaide-born twin filmmakers, Danny and Michael Philippou, who are making their feature-length directorial debut.

Damn, that’s one hell of a debut.

When Will Talk To Me Be Released?

Talk To Me is slated to be released in Australian cinemas on July 27th and US cinemas on July 28th. The power of timezones!!!

When it is, I’ll see all you horror sick fucks there — get ready to scream ya guts out.