Kristen Stewart Is Joining A Lesbian Bodybuilding Rom-Com & Pls Ma’am, Crush Me

kristen stewart love lies bleeding bodybuilder movie

Queen of the Lesbians Kristen Stewart is giving the people what they want: a gay romantic drama about competitive, beefy, bone-crushing female bodybuilders. Happy Easter, everybody!

Stewart has signed on to director Rose Glass‘ A24-produced, lesbian bodybuilder drama Love Lies Bleeding. It’s described as “a romance fueled by ego, desire, and the American dream”. But I’m sure the premise is a dream for fans of powerful gay women everywhere.

That said, it doesn’t sound like the Spencer star will be popping any heads like a watermelon with her monster thighs in the flick. According to AV Club, she’ll play the “protective lover of a female bodybuilder”. Bummer!

Love Lies Bleeding will be written by Glass and Weronika Tofilska (Love Life). It will be co-financed by Film4 and A24.

The studios are still looking at who to cast as the female bodybuilder to Stewart’s “protective lover”. But fans appeared to already have some ideas online. A few suggested casting Thor: Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson, Charlize Theron, French journalist and model Agathe Rouselle, or themselves.

I applaud the pecs of the person who thinks they are worthy of being K-Stew’s girlfriend.

Kristen Stewart recently gave a royally incredible performance as Princess Diana in Spencer.

Set in 1991, Spencer showcases the deterioration of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage as well as the final years of the life of the people’s princess. And yes, that includes the chilling allegations that the British Royal Family was involved in her tragic death.

Critics called it K-Stew’s best role as the Twilight actress earned her first-ever Oscar nom for it. Maybe this bodybuilder flick will be her next?

You can catch Spencer on Amazon Prime.