Horror Flick ‘Hereditary’ Is Leaving Evil Dolls On Doorsteps For Fun & Can U Not

The best kind of publicity is EXTREMELY NEGATIVE publicity, right? The kind that makes people scared to leave their houses, no? That’s what I heard.

And that’s clearly what production house A24, the folks behind uber-hyped horror flick Hereditary are gunning for with their new promotional campaign of… putting fucked up creepy dolls on peoples front doorsteps.

Honestly, can u not A24? I personally would like to keep my soul intact and I think my sentiments are echoed worldwide.

The dolls were delivered – not posted, extra creepy – to people who had attended a midnight screening of the upcoming film. Because there’s nothing you want more the day after a horrific film experience than an unexplained evil doll landing on your doorstep.

Please don’t let this become like those (unconfirmed) It promo clowns that were just showing up in people’s streets. NOT here for it.