Sydney Sweeney Says An Entire Aussie AFL Team Slid Into Her DMs After She Attended A Game


Sydney Sweeney caught the attention of an entire AFL time during her stint filming in Australia, a decided improvement on the last Aussie to latch onto her.

The Euphoria star was in Australia while filming her enemies-lovers/fake-dating (delicious combo) romcom Anyone But You, and appeared on The Project on Thursday to gush about how much she loved it here.

She said she attended a Sydney Swans game, where she had a great time watching them play (I choose to read this as: run around all sweaty in their little shorts).

“I had a blast. I got to meet everybody. I want to go back,” she raved.

However, it looks like certain sports stars also loved the fact that she was there, according to her co-star/on-screen love interest (and rumoured hookup) Glen Powell, because a bunch of them tried to shoot their shot.

“Well, they had a good time meeting Sydney as well,” he said cheekily.

“The whole team slid into her DMs… Australia wanted to welcome her to town… fast.”

“In a very big way,” Sweeney added.

Sydney Swans or Sydney’s Swans, amirite?

The Swans themselves shared the interview to Instagram, where they told her she was “welcome back anytime” (I bet she is, you naughty boys).

It seems Sweeney is really leaning into the Aussie culture, because she also appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss schoolies — which she is now an expert on. She even knew what toolies were — an honorary Aussie queen!

She’s also expressed wanting to move to Australia, but not everything has been fine and dandy.

Standard response to seeing any creature in the bush honestly, let alone a huntsman spider ON YOUR HAND.

For one thing, she had the fright of her life after a huntsman spider bit her repeatedly as she screamed and screamed.

No one helped her because they thought she was acting, poor thing.

That would be enough to turn me off a new country for life, but she persists. It’s the Aussie spirit in her.