Sydney Sweeney’s In Dakota Johnson’s Sony Spider-Man Spinoff & My Spidey Sense Is Going TF Off

Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson have officially joined the SSU (Sony’s Spider-Man Universe) and also the MLHU (My Lesbian Heart Universe). Roll up my fellow LGBTQIA+ hotties, we’re going to see a superhero movie.

Sweeney and Johnson will be starring in a film called Madame Web. Sexy name, if you ask me.

According to Variety Dakota Johnson will take a break from her gorgeous green kitchen to play the starring role.

Madame Web is the first female-centric film in Sony’s adaptation of the Marvel comics. It’ll be directed by S.J. Clarkson. She previously worked on Marvel’s Jessica Jones and The Defenders TV shows.

Deadline first reported that Sydney Sweeney had been cast but it’s not been confirmed who exactly she’s playing.

According to, there’s a huge list of potential character options for Sweeney.

Loads of fans are already speculating she could be taking on the role of Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat. Felicia Hardy is a cat burglar (surprise) and occasional ally-slash-love-interest of Peter Parker.

Another possible alternative is a live-action version of Spider-Gwen (who was voiced by Hailee Steinfeld in Sony’s animated flick Into The Spider Verse). The possibilities are honestly endless.

If you haven’t heard of Madame Web before, she first appeared in a 1980 run of The Amazing Spider-Man comic book.

Madame Web is honestly such a cool name. I’m imagining loads of leather and perhaps a whip. Just me? OK.

She’s depicted as an older woman who has myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease which affects the skeletal muscles. In the comics Madame Web is blind as a result of the myasthenia gravis. She’s connected to life support by a medical system that looks like a spider web.

Madame Web is also a clairvoyant mutant: an absolute slay of a superpower.

Given Dakota Johnson is in fact a 32 year-old, it’s unclear how exactly the film will adapt the original content. Sources told Deadline that Madame Web’s psychic powers mean she could possibly act as the Sony version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr Strange in the MCU.

Honestly I reckon it would actually just be really fkn cool to have a superhero film focused on an elderly woman. Maybe one day.

What with all the multi-verse hopping and the many Spandex Daddies (Tom Holland, Andrews Garfield and Tobey Maguire) bouncing around, I’m genuinely intrigued to see what Madame Web brings to the table. Particularly Sydney Sweeney in a potential villain era to rival Cassie from Euphoria.