King Bad Bunny Is Getting His Own Sony Marvel Movie Where He’s A Wrestler With Super Powers

Singer, wrapper, WWE wrestler and all-round legend Bad Bunny (Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) is adding Sony Marvel Universe superhero to his resume. He’s playing a wrestler with super powers so literally what more could you want from a film?

Bad Bunny made an appearance at Sony’s CinemaCon panel where the film was announced. It’ll be based on the character El Muerto, who appears in a couple of Spider-Man comic books.

In the comics El Muerto (aka Juan-Carlos Sanchez) is a wrestler with super-strength. Fucking cool, we can all stop making superheroes now. We have progressed past the need for superheroes who aren’t wrestlers.

He faced Spider-Man in a charity wrestling match where Spidey lad hit him with some paralysing poison. Classic comic book shit right there. Then Spider-Man and El Muerto team up to face down a big bad lad called El Dorado.

It’s not clear yet whether the film will follow the plot of the OG comics. Sony execs at CinemaCon suggested the El Muerto in their film would be an anti-hero according to Variety.

Alas, the character appearing in a Spider-Man comic doesn’t mean we’ll get to watch Tom Holland and Bad Bunny facing off while wearing fun leotards.

Sony, Disney and Marvel share the rights to Spider-Man. But Tom Holland’s webslinger is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). There’s been some cross-over between the two which is why Sony’s original Spider-Men, Daddy Andrew Garfield and GrandDaddy Toby Maguire popped up in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s been like four months, I’m not apologising for spoilers.

That’s also why Tom Hardy’s character Eddie Brock from Venom was featured in the end credits scene of No Way Home.

Bad Bunny’s film will form part of the universe which includes VenomJared Leto’s Morbius and two more upcoming films based on Spider-Man comic books.

There’s Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web which are both slated for released in 2023. The former stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (who confusingly was in the MCU as Pietro Maximoff) and the latter stars Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

El Muerto will most likely be released in 2024. And in particularly cool news it’ll be the first Marvel comic book film with a Latino superhero lead. It’s about fucking time, let’s be honest.

According to Deadline Bad Bunny himself for a film about the character. He reportedly looked through the Spider-Man back catalogs until he found a character that would suit him.

Sony Motion Picture Group’s president Sanford Panitch described Bad Bunny as the “perfect casting” during the panel.

“Sometimes we get lucky with perfect casting,” he said, as reported by ComicBook.Com.

“We think audiences are going to be excited by where these Marvel characters are headed.”

Personally I just can’t fkn wait to see Bad Bunny’s wrestling skills hit the big screen. Wrestling with super powers? That’s genuinely the most entertaining thing I can imagine. The outfits alone!!