‘Strewth, Ashton Kutcher’s Australian Accent Is Bloody Terrible, Mate

‘Strewth, strike me pink, stone the flamin’ crows, [insert your favourite Alf Stewart-ism of choice here] – Ashton Kutcher‘s attempt at an Australian accent is pretty damn rough.
The 37-year-old actor’s recent projects include filling in for Charlie Sheen, impregnating and secretly marrying Mila Kunis, and shilling for Lenovo, although not necessarily in that order.
As a viral marketing stunt – which I guess worked, because here we all are – Kutcher stopped by a JB HiFi in Sydney and attempted to sell tablets to unwitting customers while posing as an Australian.
We’ve watched this three or four times and there’s something weirdly hypnotic about his attempt at an Aussie accent, which is a mixture of Cockney, Kiwi, South African and knifey spooney. Enjoy: