Mila Kunis Even Further Out Of Your League, Reportedly Pregnant By Ashton Kutcher’s Seed

The convincing face of Jim Beam bourbon, Mila Kunis is reportedly with child having finally consummated her relationship with her rumoured betrothed, Ashton Kutcher
A source of questionable veracity has “exclusively confirmed” to E! News that the popular actress and next level interviewee is pregnant with her first child, a terrifying human-Von Dutch trucker cap hybrid; confirmed symptoms of which include leaving a pre-natal yoga class wearing a massive diamond ring and being caught giving a very convincing performance on Kiss Cam at yesterday’s Detroit Pistons – Los Angeles Clippers game. A sonogram then is surely not needed:

Kutcher and Kunis have been dating since the 70s and have broken up twice: first when Kutcher was caught kissing Pam Macy and again after a pregnancy scare in season one. However, after admitting that they miss each other, they got back together at Junior Prom.

Initial reports indicate that Kunis is now an estimated  further out of your league.
via E!

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty