It May Shock You To Learn ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Is Officially Confirmed

Well, it’s not a shock to anyone with half a brain who has been paying even the remotest attention to the world around them, but it’s confirmed: Stranger Things season 3 is officially happening.

A tweet from Netflix confirmed that we’ll be getting a third season of the show, where there are almost guaranteed to be more slug monsters and interdimensional psychic octopi. Oh, and tween friendship.

Again, this is no great surprise. Creators Ross and Matt Duffer told Vulture all the way back in August that not only were they working on concepts for a third season, but that they were also looking forward to a fourth. In other interviews they’ve claimed they have enough plot to sustain them for four or five seasons.

There’s really no clue as to what the plot of season three will be. It’s pretty likely that there’ll be a time jump after season 2, given that all the actors are children going through the magic of puberty.

There was a 15 month break between season one and two, so don’t expect this one on your Netflix menu anytime soon. But hey: it’s coming.