After eons of waiting in this cursed non-spooky real world, Stranger Things long-awaited third season arrives on the blessed Netflix tomorrow.

Thanks to Netflix’s now tried-and-true bulk release methods, the entire third season will be available globally virtually simultaneously, meaning everyone gets to wrap their eyeballs around it at the exact same time.

But because time zones are a thing, the local release time varies from state to state. Our take? Blame the Earth for being a big round bitch. We’d have none of these problems if the planet were flat – not that it isn’t right now anyway.

Fortunately, Netflix has kindly gifted unto us the exact time Stranger Things S3 will be arriving in your respective major Australian cities.

Prepare to set your watches accordingly, this is when it’s all going down:

In case you missed any of that or need extra motivation, those times are:

  • Melbourne: 5pm
  • Sydney: 5pm
  • Brisbane: 5pm
  • Canberra: 5pm
  • Adelaide: 4:30pm
  • Perth: 3pm

There you have it. Set an alarm, block out your calendar, draw a line on the old sundial, mates. The Upside Down is coming back.