The First ‘Stranger Things’ Season Four Teaser Is Here, And Oh, Look Who’s Back

Stranger Things

The third season of Stranger Things ended with the tragic demise of David Harbour‘s Chief Jim Hopper, but a post-credits scene hinted that he might still be around.

The brief sequence featured officers at some kind of gloomy Russian prison facility talking about an “American” in their custody, and the identity of this American now seems to be confirmed.

Netflix released a teaser for Season Four of Stranger Things earlier today, showing what appears to be a group of prisoners hard at work building a railroad in the snow.

The camera lingers on one, who is revealed to be none other than Hopper. Of course, he is looking as delighted as ever to be there:

David Harbour tried his best to keep Hopper’s return a secret, telling fans at a German comic con “we don’t know yet” when asked about the fate of the beloved character.

Earlier today, he himself shared the teaser to social media, wishing his fans a happy Valentine’s Day, so it would certainly appear that he’s done pretending.

Not much is known about the plot of the fourth season of Stranger Things, but Hopper’s return clearly has something to do with Russian Scientists meddling in the Upside Down.

Netflix has not confirmed a release date for new episodes of the show, but it probably won’t be long.