‘Stranger Things’ Fans Swear There’s A Hint About Hopper In The New S4 Teaser

Stranger Things Season 4

A new day. A new Stranger Things teaser trailer. New theories about the show’s fourth season, and the fate of moustachioed daddy Sheriff Jim Hopper (David Harbour).

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In case you missed it, Netflix today confirmed the sci-fi hit will return for another outing, using a murky clip to tease fans about the show’s imminent return.

The dim footage only hints at the world after Hopper’s apparent death in the season three finale, proving Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her rag-tag bunch of mates did not eliminate the cross-dimensional evil plaguing the town of Hawkins.

But fans say a cabin light proves Hopper’s survival and eventual return to the show. Here’s a selection of diehards saying as much, ranked by how much the theory has melted their minds:



Until the release of the new clip, the best evidence pointing to Hopper’s return was a post-credits reference to an unnamed “American”, who many assumed would be the big, loveable cop.

Many fans have already stated they want to see Hopper return straight away.

To those people, I say this: as a Twin Peaks goon who waited years for Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) to appear in The Return, only to be gifted useful idiot Dougie Jones for most of the season, I think you should just trust whatever the Duffer Brothers want to do about Hopper.

Anyway, that’s the theory. Get speculating, folks.