We were all expecting to wait at least a year for the next installment of Stranger Things, but if their latest social media update is anything to go by, it looks like we’ll be copping some more of the Hawkins crew sooner than we thought.

I will eat a small sock if this picture update doesn’t mean at least SOME sort of Stranger Things drop is about to happen. TV shows just don’t update their pages like this unless they’re trying to generate hype:

The clock is (obviously) significant, and they really pushed it home on Twitter:

So, theories.

1. A Halloween Special

This is the one I’m banking on, and it’s one that’s been brought up in the Facebook comments quite a bit. Are our faves returning for Stranger Things: The Halloween Special? This feels most likely – surely they haven’t finished filming season 4?

2. Season 4 Is Almost Here

But like, it COULD happen. What a way to generate major hype, right – by dropping a whole new Stranger Things season right when we had just moved on from the trauma of the Season 3 finale.

3. A Reference To Time Travel

This comes from Facebook, where user Arlan Martinez posted this comment:

Time travel. It was hugely referenced in this one more than all the other little references. They made seeing Back to the Future a big part of that episode and then part of the letter at the end he mentioned if he could, turn back time. Then also the promise to make the date with Joyce. He could save Alexei. Time travel was a big part of many 80s films and TV. Personally I have a feeling they might be going in that direction. Which might alter the fact they had to split up and move away from each other at the end. How would they do season 4 if the gang has been split up. If you really think about it, Hop going back in time to the beginning of this season and alternating the timeline would make so much sense. That would mean Murray is the one in the Russian prison(his worst nightmare). IMO

So maybe the update is just to tease us ABOUT Season 4, but not actually announcing the new season is dropping anytime soon?

4. Tying To The Simpsons Halloween Special

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Or is it about the actual show at all? One Facebook user, Matthew Wilkes, noted that when he Googled ‘Stranger Things Halloween Special’ he got articles about The Simpsons X Stranger Things Halloween special.

Who knows. Not me! One thing is for sure, something is coming. Hot damn, I’m bloody excited.

Image: Facebook / Stranger Things