Holy Shit We Spotted Dustin From Stranger Things Ice Skating (!!!) In Melbourne Last Night

dustin stranger things melbourne rising festival ice skating celebrity spotting

A few of the Stranger Things kids have been hooning around the traps to promote the new season of the hit Netflix show recently and now they’ve been spotted in Melbourne. They’re mixing in with us plebs (bless ’em) and getting some culture in while they’re in town — specifically Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson) who hit up Rising Festival.

I spotted sweet Dusty-buns at the festival’s sprawling outdoor event The Wilds on Thursday night where he got his skates on and hit the ice. He wasn’t even the type to close down the rink in the belly of Sidney Myer Music Bowl to have an exclusive skate without people getting around like newborn fawns using their legs for the first time.

Nope, just right in there with everyone else and blending in with the crowds. Gotta respect that.

I spotted the Netflix star while I was waiting for my own session on the ice and it wasn’t until I saw him slowly glide past a couple of times before I realised who he was.

Gaten/Dustin was slowly making his way around the rinky-dink with a young gal who looks terribly like Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield), who is also in Melbourne on the press tour. I couldn’t 100% confirm it but god damn I’m sad the Night Chorus choir didn’t bust out “Running Up That Hill” as a nod to the quietly special guests.

I don’t know how long the Stranger Things cast will be in Melbourne for but keep your eyes peeled over the long weekend because you might just spy the Stranger Things cast getting around.

Please can someone take them to the footy? I deeply need to see them trying to roost a torp at a post-game kick to kick.