GOOD NEWS: ‘Stranger Things 3’ Will Have More Dustin & Steve Goodness

Stranger Things

What did we love about Stranger Things 2 apart from its general and total kickassery? The wholesome bromance between one Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and World’s Best Babysitter Steve (Joe Keery).

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As the hit series’ third season approaches, the cast recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to chat all things Stranger Things 3. Turns out that giant tentacle thing, the Mind Flayer, is still alive and kicking.

“Eleven closed the Gate, but the Mind Flayer is still alive in the Upside Down,” one half of the Duffer Brothers, Matt teased. “It will find another way into Hawkins … It’s just a matter of time.” 


Meanwhile, David Harbour AKA Hopper will spend the season bonding with Joyce (Winona Ryder) over raising teenagers… one of whom is, uh, quite powerful. Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is now dating Mike (Finn Wolfhard) so expect some quality content there.

But as for the bromance, Matarazzo said we’ll “definitely see more of that.” 

“That’s what I really like about Matt and Ross [Duffer Brothers],” he continued. “They know what fans like and they roll with it.” 

Thank you Duffer Brothers, thank you.

Stranger Things 3 will finally hit Netflix, July 4.


It’s fair to say it’s been a hot second since Stranger Things hit Netflix so here’s a skeletal refresher if you’re blanking real hard.

In the season finale:

  • Eleven was a total boss and sealed the gate between the Upside Down and our world
  • Will (Noah Schnapp) is finally freed of that goddamn monster virus thing via lots of heat and fire
  • Poor Bob (Sean Astin) died heroically
  • Nancy (Natalie Dyer) is pretty much done with Steve and moves on with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton)
  • Joyce and Hopper share a nostalgic cigarette outside the Snow Ball and it’s just a tad cute
  • That whole thing between Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Mike‘s mum happened AKA Billy charmed her socks off

It’s Friday and time to re-binge seasons one and two before July 4 rolls around.