Warning: huuuuge spoilers for Stranger Things season 4 vol. 1. Though as if you haven't watched it by now!

In news eerie as Stranger Things itself, Gaten Matarazzo unwittingly revealed the ending for season four volume one a whole *six* years ago. Suss indeed.

In an interview with AOL in 2016, the Stranger Things crew were asked what their favourite fan theory from the show was. Keep in mind, this was just after season one came out.

“There’s this one in this video, and he was saying how other test subjects, besides Eleven, like, one through 10 — most of them are dead,” Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson, said at the time.

“But others were banished to the Upside Down. Like, they couldn’t get out.”

Excuse me?

“Because they were in the Upside Down for so long, and you can see that it had an effect on Will, it had an effect on them because they were in it for so long. They transformed into what was the monster.

“So, the monster was a recent test subject.”


If you’re reading this then you probably know this was the huge reveal at the end of season four, volume one.

The season’s monster Vecna is revealed to actually be One/Henry Creele (Jamie Campbell-Bower), who befriended and mentored Eleven before he killed all the other test subjects. He and Eleven then duelled. Her surge of power tore a hole in the fabric of time and space, creating a portal and exiling Creele into the Upside Down.

While there, Creele reacted to the atmosphere of the Upside Down. His skin became crusty, his face skeletal, and Vecna was born in all his monstrous glory.

Either whoever made that video is an actual oracle, or Matt and Ross Duffer lurked fan theories for inspiration when they wrote the plot for season four.

Surely it’s the latter? No way it’s just coincidental.

To the Stranger Things fan who made this prediction, please do yourself a favour and go buy a lottery ticket. Or ten.