Bachie Gamer Steph’s Twitch Has Been Nuked, So How Horny Was That World Of Warcraft Content?

Steph the bachelor

The Bachelor‘s live-streaming gamer girl Steph had her whole Twitch account wiped before the premiere aired, and it is suss as fuck.

Steph described herself as basically every nerd’s wet dream, and she’s not wrong. She’s hot, she’s blonde, she’s into World of Warcraft, and she’s a Twitch streamer – but I have a *lot* of questions about what exactly she’s been streaming, because it looks to me like things may have gotten a little naughty over there.

I mean, first there’s the simple fact that Steph described her own content as not being ‘PG’. I instantly raised my eyebrows when I heard that, because I am very aware of the sexy gamer girl community, and well… shit gets pretty steamy over there.

Anyway, then Steph said a lot of other girls on Twitch are way more ‘modest’ than her, but that it would be inappropriate to talk about it on a family show. Ummmm. My eyebrows are literally at my hairline.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that Steph definitely films horny World of Warcraft videos,  So! Dramatic finding her channel should. Because the whole thing has been wiped blank as a teenage boy’s browser history on a communal desktop computer.

There’s only one reason Ten would get her to delete all the content off socials when things like Instagram pictures get to stay – and it’s because those videos would have absolutely been R rated. Give us Steph’s sexy gamer streams you cowards!!!

Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson didn’t seem super into her gaming, asking if World of Warcraft is for kids.

I can assure you, Jimmy – whatever content was on Steph’s Twitch account would definitely not have been suitable for children. BUT, it’d probably make you rethink your own disinterest in gaming, hehe.