This Guy, Dressed In A T-Rex Costume, Obviously Had Enough Of Spain’s Strict Lockdown Laws

A man in Spain has been ordered by police to head home after wandering the streets in an inflatable T-Rex costume.

Spain recently imposed a nationwide lockdown in a bid to combat the rapid spread of coronavirus throughout the nation.

Murcia police shared the encounter on Twitter, with footage taken by a local. The cops advised Twitter users that, although dogs are allowed to be walked briefly, a T-Rex, despite popular belief, is not included in this exception.

When I turned up the volume and realised that Jurassic Park‘s theme song was playing in the background, I spat out my oxygen.

Although the cops initially made light of the situation, they’ve since reiterated how important it is for Spanish folk to adhere to the law. “We want to emphasise that we are on alert and that it is not a joke,” a Murcia police spokesperson told HuffPost.

I know it’s super irresponsible to be disobeying the lockdown laws, but part of me just can’t help but giggle watching a wobbly, inflatable T-Rex being told off by police to the Jurassic Park theme song. And you know what? We deserve a giggle after all the depressing news this week.