Online Club ‘Room 2 Radio’ Lands Tomorrow Night, So You Can Drop It Low In Self-Isolation

As festivals are cancelling and clubs are facing temporary closure across nation, three mates have teamed up to create Sydney’s first virtual club. Room 2 Radio will bring the party to your living room via live-stream tomorrow night, so you can get up to your normal Friday night debauchery in the comfort of your own home. A win-win, quite frankly.

In its essence, this online club combats that FOMO you’re bound to feel while everyone’s cooped up in self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The severity of the coronavirus issue is having a huge impact on the world, and our individual actions now have a very real impact on the health and wellbeing of all members of society,” Room 2 Radio‘s Facebook page reads. “Social distancing is the most responsible thing one can do to protect others, and unfortunately, going out to bars and clubs greatly increases the risk of transmitting the virus.”

The club will be streaming tomorrow night, from 8PM-late (AEDT).

Music For Friends 8-9PM
Hyfe 9-10.30PM
Dame B2B Deepa (Honey Point) 10.30-12AM
Liam Ebbs (Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs) 12- Late


For more info, head on over to the Room 2 Radio event page here.

“Although it might be weird to party at home in front of your TV,” the event reads, “know that potentially, hundreds or thousands of people are doing the same thing.”