Self-isolation has truly given rise to some gloriously inventive ways to responsibly socialise. This DIY seesaw, created by two mates who were simply keen to hang, is no exception.

The footage depicts two neighbours sporting hazmat gear while riding a wooden plank over their shared fence. Facebook user Ajay Palmer shared the footage, alongside the caption, “Stay at home and keep 2 meters apart… but most importantly keep smiling!”

The footage has subsequently been shared over 60k times in the past week, and amassed over 18k comments. The comments have since been flooded with people inviting their mates to move next-door in order to recreate this DIY seesaw masterpiece.

“We can do this from our balcony,” one user added. Look, I appreciate the sentiment, but I’d probably advise against that.

In other isolation-related breaking news, a TikToker attempted to escape his house disguised as a bush, a boss was unable to turn off a potato filter in her Zoom meeting, and a man in Spain was ordered by police to head home after wandering the streets in an inflatable T-Rex costume. This is the world we live in. A little different to what Back to the Future‘s Marty McFly envisioned.

Image: Facebook / Ajay Palmer