Sophie Brussaux, The Mother Of Drake’s Baby, Takes A Swipe At Kanye West

Drake, Sophie Brussaux

Artist Sophie Brussaux has come to the defence of Drake, with whom she shares a baby son, as the fallout from Kanye West‘s exceedingly messy Twitter tirade against his rival rapper continues to spread.

Brussaux didn’t address Kanye directly, but instead crept into the comments of celebrity Instagram account The Shade Room. After they shared a Tweet showing Ariana Grande‘s comments about “two grown men arguing”, she responded:

“I would hardly call Kanye arguing with himself ‘grown men.’”


The bad blood between Kanye and Drake goes back to earlier this year, when Drake and Pusha T exchanged a series of diss tracks, to the point where the latter revealed that his rival had a son who he kept “hidden” from the public.

It later emerged that Drake was giving financial support to Sophie Brussaux, the mother of the child, and the fact that Pusha T and Kanye had worked together so closely on music led many to believe that Kanye was the one to spill the secret about Drake’s son.

Yesterday, Kanye caught the world’s attention with a series of dozens of Tweets in which he accused his rival of calling him and threatening him, talked about physically fighting him and said that “there would never be a Drake without a Kanye West.”

Prior to Sophie Brussaux, Kim Kardashian entered the fray to defend her “brilliant … genuis” husband, saying that he “paved the way for Drake”, in what may or may not have been a case of Kanye temporarily hijacking his wife’s phone.

Strap the fuck in, folks, as it’s probably only going to get wilder from here.