The internet, she is an odd place.

For reasons that are still a little bit beyond all of us, someone has dedicated a reasonable amount of time to chronicling all the outfits that Marc Fennell wears in his role as host of The Feed on SBS2.

The Instagram account – aptly named @marc_fennell_outfits – has been noting down Fennell’s choice of attire on a nightly basis since late last November, but today it bubbled to the surface of public attention thanks to Internet frontpage/chumscrubber Reddit.

It’s not that Fennell wears anything particularly extravagant – in fact if you had to use one word to describe his sartorial range, it’d be “consistent” – it’s more that it’s simply a thing that exists, and as far as the internet is concerned that is more than good enough.

And yet, it’s wonderful. Really, really wonderful.


Monday the 27th of April 2015AD. As he attempts to emulate the opening melody of Peter Bjorn and John’s 2006 song ‘Young Folks’, Marc sports a dark blue collared shirt with white buttons. #MarcFennellOutfits #TheFeedSBS

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Thursday the 30th of April 2015AD. As he grossly exaggerates to a disinterested cameraman about the size of his yield from last month’s fishing trip, Marc wears an olive green collared shirt with white buttons. #MarcFennellOutfits #TheFeedSBS

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Monday the 11th of May 2015AD. Marc couldn’t wait twenty more days for winter, so he ignored the wardrobe department’s clear instructions and proudly revealed his winter attire early, wearing a rather dapper black sweater over the top of a green buttoned-up collared shirt. While it may seem like a harmless number, the sweater covers his iconic collared shirts. #MarcFennellOutfits #TheFeedSBS

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Tuesday the 12th of May 2015AD. As Marc reacts with absolute bewilderment in relation to the outrageous statement made by his wardrobe department ‘maybe you should give the black shirts a rest Marc’. He sports his timeless favourite black collared shirt with white buttons. #MarcFennellOutfits #TheFeedSBS

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Thursday the 14th of April 2015AD. Marc was keen to go live on air with his controversial political statement printed across his plain white collared shirt. He isn’t angry, but disappointed, that the SBS legal team redacted his outfit at the last moment. #MarcFennellOutfits #TheFeedSBS

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They’re even wise to those sneaky rare nights when SBS2 tries to pull the ole’ switcheroo on viewers by substituting Marc Fennell for Not Marc Fennell.

Monday the 4th of May 2015AD. Try as he might, Andy did not fool anyone tonight, the fact that he isn’t Marc Fennell was immediately apparent. Despite sporting a checkered dark green, white & grey collared shirt similar to Marc on March 5th, the use of a horizontally striped mug with unknown contents is a dead giveaway, failing to even attempt to replicate Marc’s classic round glass filled with either water or vodka. All viewers will know that if Marc ever uses a mug it is plain and beige. Nice try, Andy. Nice try. #MarcFennellOutfits #NotActuallyMarcFennell #NorHisOutfit #NorHisCup #TheFeedSBS

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Tuesday the 31st of March 2015AD. This is not right. Today is the 31st of March, not the 31st of Jeanetteh. #MarcFennellOutfits #TheFeedSBS

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Why is any of this happening? Who’s to say for sure.

What we know for certain is that, much like Lee Lin Chin‘s magnificent Twitter feed, it’s best not to think too much about the why or how and simply focus instead on loving and appreciating this glorious thing the internet has gifted unto us all.

That’s enough. That’s how we keep nice things.

The Feed airs weeknights at 7:30pm on SBS2.

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