WATCH: Lee Lin Chin Blanks Marc Fennell, Drags Helicopter-Less SBS

Our reigning queen and supreme madam, Lee Lin Chin, may or may not have blanked the fuck out of Marc Fennell over the hosting gig for the last episode of SBS 2‘s The Feed – and as you can imagine, he ain’t happy. 

It now appears to be a fight to the death; a race ’til the bitter end; a mission of danger, loyalty and unbridled passion (for Aussie news). Marc wants the top spot for the live final episode of 2015, which will filmed at the Sydney Opera House
But, not if LLC has anything to do with it. You know when someone answers the phone, ~YO, WHO DIS~ they mean business, for real. SRS BUSINESS. 
And plus, she’s done this shit before, people. And she’s still here to tell the tale, sooooo… just don’t cross her. 

The Feed Final 2015 trailer

Going out with a bang. Come on down to the Opera House Forecourt if you want to see her in the magical, magical flesh. #TheFeedSBS

Posted by SBS 2 on Sunday, 22 November 2015

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