2015 was a much simpler time. All the celebrities we held near and dear to our hearts weren’t dead. Politics was only slightly less completely batshit insane. And every night the sartorial choices of Marc Fennell‘s voice were meticulously documented and critiqued by a shrewd and hilarious Instagram feed.

Marc Fennell Outfits made its name by highlighting, and thoroughly baking, the shirts that Fennell wore on each individual episode of SBS‘s The Feed.

Tuesday the 8th of September 2015AD. Gareth: Don't log off Marc!! I'm stuck in the back of the shot, what do I do?! Marc: Bloody hell, Gareth. Everyone knows staff aren't allowed in the background. Gareth: What about Linda? She's often in the background checking her emails and eating spaghetti. Marc: That's completely different. It's a deliberate stylistic choice; she improves the feng shui. Gareth: Fair point. Her presence does do wonders. So what should I do right now? Marc: Just ac Gareth: Huh? Marc: Whoops, didn't mean to send that yet lol Marc: Just act normal and don't do anything that draws attention away from my khaki collared shirt. Then simply sneak away during a break. Gareth: Can't I just awkwardly storm out early on so it's obvious that I didn't mean to be here? Marc: Brilliant idea! #MarcFennellOutfits #TheFeedSBS

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Beautiful stuff. That, folks? That right there is quality content.

Sadly, at the conclusion of 2015, the account retired, leaving Fennell and his fashion choices to go about their business un-critiqued.

That is, until today.

For reasons we are unable to confirm, the account has fired back to life today, delivering footage of Fennell in a salmon pink shirt on the ABC show Screen Time. And not only that, it delivers the kind of roast that only 2 years of inactivity could’ve built up to.

My god, it’s staggering.

Raw footage. #marcfennelloutfits #abcscreentime #stillretired @marcfennell

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Marc, 100% love your work brother. But get absolutely fuckin’ REKT, m8.


The accompanying hashtags suggest the account is still retired on an on-going basis, but sometimes you just gotta leap outta the tall grass and land a stiff jab before disappearing again. Just to keep everyone on their toes.

Watch your back, and your wardrobe, Fenno.