Some Absolute Jerk Tried To Sell A Tub Of “Golden Gaytime” On eBay

It’s safe to say that you all went absolutely, positively, one hundred percent boonta for the arrival of Golden Gaytime in large single serve portions – aka 1.25 litre tubs.

The response to Streets flooding supermarket freezers with the glorious goods was one of nationalistic joy, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Australia II won the America’s Cup.
In fact, in opening everyone’s first tub you could probably hear the word of Bob Hawke echoing on the breeze – “Any boss who sacks a worker for not turning up today is a bum.”
It was a nationally significant week. And rapidly dwindling stocks reflected that.
Enter: One absolute low-level dickhead, who took the misfortunes of those who remain treat-less and attempted to turn it into their own financial gain.
eBay user “hammer_it_hard” – a person who possesses an alleged 100% positive feedback record (though we doubt that’ll remain after pulling a stunt like this) – put a tub of the good stuff up for auction today, with a starting bid beginning at FIFTY DOLLARS.
The item description remained simple: “Selling unopened Tub of Golden Gaytime ice cream. Sold out every where (sic).”

Those who might have been tempted to overpay for a joy THAT SHOULD BLOODY WELL BE FOR EVERYONE could only access it as a local pick-up in the Melbourne area.
Fortunately, sanity prevailed from this otherwise straight-up un-Australian attempt to scalp ice cream – repeat: who the HELL actually tries to scalp ice cream? – with the auction being pulled with zero bidders.
Forgiveness might be divine, but trying to auction off a tub of sold out ice cream is a dick move.