Socceroos Fans are Not Very Happy about the Team’s New Slogan

Socceroos fans are feeling disgruntled today, and the rest of Australia is shaking its head in mild bemusement at the announcement of our national team’s new slogan, which will be emblazoned on their official bus at next month’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Just how bad is the slogan? They’re going with Socceroos: Hopping Our Way Into History. Way to sound tough and not like a guy who is busily flailing around the field on one leg because somebody has just kicked him in the shin, guys.

To be fair, the team themselves aren’t to blame. The slogan was chosen via an online poll, conducted by FIFA, the bus supplier, and the Socceroos’ official sponsor, Hyundai. Fans themselves nominated and voted on the slogan, so really, this whole mess is their fault.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to vent. 

SBS were among the first to pile on. The team bus certainly looks … festive.


Twitter user Stephanie proved conclusively that you can be grumpy about more than one issue at the same time. Take that, everyone who’s always bleating “how are you worried about [x] when [y] is also happening in the world?” 

Terrible slogan aside, the Socceroos’ World Cup line-up has a focus on younger players, including 21-year-old defender Bailey Wright. “I had some specific criteria – form, fitness and an eye for the future – and I think this squad reflects that,” said coach Ange Postecoglou

Picture: Charlie Crowhurst via Getty Images