Shay Mitchell’s Gender Reveal Party Literally Kicked So Much Ass

Shay Mitchell

Usually, I don’t take much notice of gender reveal parties. They’re cute but also… eh? BUT THEN, You star Shay Mitchell dropped a video of her gender reveal on YouTube and my interest was aggressively piqued. Gender reveal cake? NOPE. Gender reveal balloons? NOPE. Confetti blasters? NOPE. Power Rangers fighting to the death? HELL YES.

[jwplayer z0khvLrA]

Just about a week ago, Mitchell and her boyfriend Matte Babel announced they were expecting on social media. Turns out, Mitchell’s been up the duff for a solid six months now.

The gender reveal was planned by Mitchell’s assistant and look, I don’t think the couple expected this. Instead of cute confetti and aesthetic balloons, the expecting parents copped an up close and personal battle between a pink Power Ranger and a blue Power Ranger. But wait, it got better – and slightly deadly – because the Power Rangers fell into the bloody pool and almost drowned because they couldn’t breathe through their damn costumes.

Filming of the epic battle cut out for a couple of seconds while the Power Rangers yanked off their power suits but when they did, it’s revealed the fighters were actually good mates of the beautiful couple. AND THEN THEY JUST KEPT ON WRESTLING IN THE WATER… until finally, the pink Power Ranger emerged victorious and sat her wet ass on the soon-to-be parents.

Babel looked so confused the entire time. And in case you missed that, it’s a girl. They’re having a girl.

As Mitchell titled the video: Do NOT Try This Gender Reveal at Home.

The tiny cherub will be Mitchell and Babel’s first child together. Upon her New Year’s reflection, Mitchell revealed she had suffered a miscarriage in 2018.