Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star’s Docuseries Is Here, So I Guess Tonight’s Plans Are Cancelled

Shane Dawson Jeffree Star docuseries cover

The first episode of Shane Dawson’s much-anticipated docuseries The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star is finally here, and you bet I’ve cancelled everything this evening, rounded up the group chat and whipped out my 4-pack of watermelon Cruisers. I didn’t come to play, sweetie.

In the rumoured 9-part series, it looks like we’ll be going behind the scenes of the beauty industry as Jeffree and Shane document their entire make-up collab process, from the brainstorming stages to the final product. Mind you, this will all be happening while they dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge various controversies, scandals, feuds and cancel parties… ’cause it’s the fucking beauty industry, after all. Episode 1, which is the current #1 trending video on the planet, of course, is our entrée into this welcomed madness.

In terms of the entire docuseries, I’m most looking forward to seeing how they portray the highly-broadcasted feud with Manny MUA and James Charles. I also can’t fucking wait to witness Shane’s scandal after he joked about fucking his cat and subsequently faced a #ShaneIsOverParty.

Now, let’s dive into this messiness and watch the first episode together, hand-in-hand. Stay tuned for my in-depth recap and analysis of the episode tomorrow, once the scolding drama has subsided to a light simmer and my thoughts have marinated. (Yes, you best believe I’ll be doing episode recaps. This is our Gen Z Christmas, after all.)