Sony Yoinked Half Of Shane Dawson’s Jeffree Star Docuseries From YouTube Over Copyright Claims

Half of Shane Dawson‘s 2019 web series The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star has been wiped from the internet, following copyright infringement claims from Sony.

Overnight, four episode were blocked from Dawson’s channel: The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, The Ugly Side of the Beauty World, The Conspiracy Collection Reveal and The Beautiful World of Shane DawsonThe episodes, which amassed 86 million views between them, are now met with the following message: “Video unavailable: This video contains content from Sony ATV Publishing, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

The series followed Dawson and Jeffree Star throughout the launch of their Conspiracy makeup collection, all while navigating the trials and tribulations of the YouTube beauty community.

It’s unclear whether an artist complaint had been made or if Sony just didn’t want their music to be associated with the web series anymore. Either way, this is pretty huge news, given that The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson was arguably the biggest web series of 2019, raking in over 150 million views.

The mass blocking comes just days after YouTube demonetised all three of Dawson’s channels, and Morphe scrapped the entire Conspiracy Collection from its online stores.

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