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Netflix and chill is often comprised of just two parts. Sure, getting down and busy with your crush is one of them, but what about the Netflix part? We’ve comprised a list of the sexiest movies on Netflix, so you and your boo of choice can have something spicy in the background when you hit it off.

Single pringles, I’m sorry if that opening paragraph hit hard. Let’s be real, sexy movies can be enjoyed by anyone, and are quite fun to indulge in when you’re wrapped up in one thousand weighted blankets by yourself.

So what have we found for you? Well, we’ve got the steamy Malcolm & Marie starring Zendaya, the timeless sexy classic Magic Mike, and the mesmerising romance drama Lust Stories, just to name a few.

Buckle up, get your seatbelts on and your chokers on too, because we’re about to divulge only the sexiest movies on Netflix. Let’s get into it.

Malcolm & Marie

Smexy time.

Revelations, romance and a real monochrome vibe fill this sensual black-and-white Netflix Original flick starring Zendaya and John David Washington.

The film follows a filmmaker named Malcolm, and his girlfriend Marie (bet you didn’t see that coming), as they explore the nature of their relationship over one tumultuous night. And yes, that night looks like a glamorous perfume ad, but just go along with it okay?

She’s his muse, but she also doesn’t support his work 100%, which can be a problem for someone who is so creatively driven and focused on every word the critics have to say.

It’s hot, it’s artsy, and there are entire articles written about the stupidly sexy architecture, so you know everything about this flick is divine.

Give it a watch you horny binch.

High Society

Fuck the plot, give me a sexy couple on a mission for money.

Because what is sexier than money?

When it comes to basic, sexy romance flicks, you just know that the worse it’s rated by critics, the sexier it is. Don’t give me even the semblance of a plot, I just want to fire up Netflix and watch pretty people do pretty people shit.

The film’s got a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is garbage, but damn this film is just dumb, hot fun.

This Korean flick follows a university professor and his art gallery curator wife as they trade in a few of their morals in an attempt to make it into a world of luxury. Fkn hot. Read that again but slowly. A professor. A gallery curator.

Love it. Get into it.

Magic Mike

Alex Pettyfer step on me challenge.

When you think of sexy movies, Magic Mike is honestly the blueprint, and it has to be one of the sexiest movies on Netflix.

Is there a plot? Yes, of course there is, and it’s surprisingly gripping for a movie about Hollywood hotties thrusting their loins into a camera for just under two hours.

Oh to be the camera operator on this film. A role most desired.

This flick has turbo hotties Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer in the lead roles, supported by Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez and Matthew McConaughey. Every single one of these bad boys is RIPPED to the high heavens, and it is quite the sight to behold.

It gets a six out of six packs from me.


Demi Moore curating the radical theology of sexy, oil on canvas, circa 1996.

When Demi Moore invented the art of being sexy in 1996, it was a miracle that it was all captured on footage.

This footage has since been named Striptease, and now that it’s on Netflix, you better believe it’s one of the sexiest movies on Netflix. In my opinion, it’s the apex of sexy Netflix time, and also an incredibly good watch.

Give Miss Moore the time she deserves and put this one on when you’re feeling like badassery and brilliant costumes with a large dose of steamy action. Not to mention the fact that this film also kinda doubles as a feel-good comedy? I dunno man the ’90s were weird.


You want sexy? This movie will give you nothing but.

Three French friends in their forties. Three turbo hotties in their twenties. Bring the two together and you’ve got a sexy comedy about a summer fling full of sex and dating with a rather large age gap.

Fire up Netflix, flick on the subtitles and watch a bunch of hot people navigate their way through the biggest problem of all: being hot. I would say I’m surprised that every cast member is super attractive, but they’re all French so…

Duck Butter

More like fuck butter… haha. Gottem.

Two women decide to spend 24hrs together after a magical first date, forcing each other to embrace the highs and the lows of their emotions across an entire day.

The catch? They agree to have sex every hour, on the hour, which makes for a lot of sex scenes. Like, a lot a lot. Almost too much at times. But that’s why it’s here on the list of sexiest movies on Netflix, I guess.

However, it’s a very interesting film that takes on an experimental risk, and brings on the drama as well as the sexy.


Nicholas Hoult? Playing sexy? I knew he had it in him.

There’s just something about Nicholas Hoult that is so charming and sexy, so to see him finally put that to work is just… chefs kiss.

Partnered with Laia Costa, the two explore the tumultuous side of dating in the world of hookup apps and social media. I mean, we’ve all been there, but now it gets to be put on screen with a dash of sexiness, which is everything we could ask for from a film.

Also, the description for this flick talks about the pushing of physical boundaries, and not to give much away, but that means exactly what you think it does. Definitely one of the sexiest movies on Netflix.

Elisa & Marcela

It’s less about sex and more about going against the rules, which is sexy.

This flick tells the biographical story of Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, a couple who became the first recorded same-sex marriage in Spain in 1901.

How did they do it? Well, they disguised themselves as a heterosexual couple, of course, and fooled the fuck out of the church.

This Netflix film is a lovely little look into queer history, so definitely give it a watch.

A Perfect Ending

Jessica Clark as Paris is EXTREMELY hot.

Rebecca is a Stepford wife who’s unhappy in her marriage, and Paris is a sex worker who is quite popular in certain circles. Rebecca has never had an orgasm, and her lesbian friends suggest that she sleeps with a woman, and in comes our friend Paris.

There are unexpected twists and turns, and a whole lot of drama for a movie centred around one person’s first orgasm, and while it is one of the sexiest movies on Netflix, it’s also quite silly at times.

Maybe watch this if you’re in the mood for a film with plenty of sexy moments that still packs intensity and the charm of poor editing.

Romance Doll

Sex doll, sex doll, you’re my sex doll.

I’m fully convinced that they only called this movie Romance Doll because Sex Doll was just too much.

But yes, it’s about the art of making sex dolls, and how a ten-year marriage lives, laughs and loves around this uncommon job. But maybe without the laughter, because this Netflix gem is very serious, romantic and at times sad.

It also has a lot of kinky parts in it, which might not be everyone’s style, but alas, I won’t yuck your yum.

Lust Stories

I wonder if this film has any stories about lust.

Lust, sex, desire, marriage. These are the four things that I want out of life, and not much more to be quite honest.

This film includes four short segments put together that capture the lives of four very different people exploring love in modern India.

It’s hot, fun, and one of the sexiest movies on Netflix. Also, it doesn’t have as much heavy drama as some of the ones on this list, so sit back and relax.

Cuddle Weather

I want these lights for my room, for research purposes of course.

Two sex workers, who feel the longing for physical intimacy beyond just a root, pair up and become ‘cuddle partners.’

I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of a cuddle. It’s a simple premise, but the main characters go on major journeys of self-discovery, with a splash of sex thrown in for good measure, so what’s not to love.

This Netflix film is actually quite sweet and romantic, and is simply perfect for a cuddle or two.

365 Days

Who wrote this film? I’d like a word.

She’s a sales director, he’s a member of the Sicilian Mafia. As an Italian, I’m already intrigued by how sexy this is.

He kidnaps her (not very sexy) and forces her to fall in love with him in 365 days. It’s like Beauty and the Beast meets 50 Shades of Gray, and while it’s quite plotless at times, you’d only ever watch it for the sexy moments anyway.

There simply can’t be a list of the sexiest movies on Netflix without 365 Days. Definitely a movie with a lot of sexual themes, albeit one with extremely problematic undertones.