Here Are 16 Of The Sexiest Movies On Netflix RN If You’ve Got A Stiffy For A Flicky

sexiest movies on netflix australia

At a fundamental, almost scientific level, Netflix and chill is only comprised of two parts. Sure, getting down and busy with your crush is one of them, but what about the Netflix part? Because we support everyone getting their rocks off with hot films on in the background, we’ve comprised a list of the sexiest movies on Netflix.

Now you and your boo of choice can have something spicy on while you hit it off. Trust me, you don’t want Tidying Up With Marie Kondo playing while you go down on someone. I’ve been there before.

Let’s be real, sexy movies can be enjoyed by anyone, partner or not. Honestly, they’re even quite fun to indulge in when you’re wrapped up in one thousand weighted blankets all by yourself. Nothing warms up a winter night like two actors fake boning.

So what horny films have we found for you? Well, we’ve got the steamy Malcolm & Marie starring Zendaya, the beautifully tragic I Am Jonas and the mesmerising romance drama Lust Stories, just to name a few.

Buckle up and get your seatbelts and your chokers on ‘cos we’re about to divulge only the sexiest movies on Netflix. Let’s get into it.

The Sexiest Movies on Netflix Right Now:

1. Amar

Ahhh… young love.

Two young people are madly in love. They have great sex and they love each other very much. Did I mention they love each other? Like a lot?

Spanish film Amar explores the relationship between a young couple who are so madly obsessed with each other that it actually causes issues in their relationship until it explodes.

Something cute and fun to put on in the background while you bonk away (or eat through a tub of ice cream).

2. I Am Jonas

Can I be Jonas too?

Hot bodies, queer romance and suspenseful surprises that will break your heart then put it back together again.

I Am Jonas is one of those movies that you have to just see to understand. I can’t speak too much lest I spoil the whole thing.

But trust and believe it is indeed one of the sexiest movies on Netflix right now. Extra points for telling a queer love story.

3. Disobedience

I’m sweatin’.

Picture this: Rachel Weisz. Rachel McAdams. An intense amount of religious pressure from a multitude of Orthodox Jew family members. Sounds sexy, right?

Disobedience explores forbidden lover under immense amount of religious pressure, and the lengths people of faith will go to to pressure others into conformity.

Basically, it’s a steamy movie with a message. The best kind of movie, if you ask me.

4. Call Me By Your Name

call me by your name netflix plot review
I’m squinting trying to find a single thing that’s hot in this picture like I’m playing Eye Spy.

Have you ever wanted to see one of the most controversial actors of our time seduce a rail-thin twink playing a minor? If so, could I direct you straight to PRISON?

Controversies aside, Call Me By Your Name is beloved by many people across the world. Personally, I’m a hater, but a lot of folks find this film sexy and I will not continue to yuck their yum.

The only thing sexy about this film to me is the scenic shots of the Italian countryside. Nothing gets me more bricked up than the sprawling hills of Lombardy sparkling in the sunshine.

5. Hot Girls Wanted

hot girls wanted netflix
This is probably about as much as we can show you without getting flagged for porn.

Let me make one thing clear: this is the kind of movie you’d find in the “previously watched” section of your family’s Netflix account because your dad or your brother thought it’d be racy and forgot that everyone can see what they’ve viewed.

Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary on amateur porn stars around 18 and 19 years old, and actually explores the exploitation they face in the adult film industry. It’s less “porn” and more “what to watch if you really want to quit porn”.

It isn’t exactly the hottest thing to put on when you’re about to fuque, but its R18+ rating and sexual scenes undeniably make it one of the most raunchy films on Netflix.

6. The Fifty Shades Trilogy

fifty shades of grey
Jamie Dornan RAIL me challenge. Wait, who wrote that?

The blueprint. The sexy movie to define all sexy movies. A classic of our times. When Moses came down the mountain after conversing with God, it was the Fifty Shades trilogy he was carrying in his arms.

Not only are these flicks some of the sexiest movies on Netflix, but they pretty much never leave the streaming service. Sexiness you can rely on.

If you don’t know the plot, you’re not missing out on much. Jamie Dornan likes Dakota Johnson, Dakota Johnson likes Jamie Dornan and the two proceed to have sex like wild rabbits in a BDSM room. That’s pretty much it.

7. Dry Martina

dry martina sexiest movies on netflix
Call me Wet Martina.

Put on the subtitles for this raunchy flick and let the good times flow, baby.

Inspired by a young couple’s hot, passionate relationship, renowned singer Martina who was big in the ’90s is inspired to kickstart her own withering libido again, and so heads to Chile to muster up her magic.

She’s disenchanted by love and romance and all its foolish trappings, and just wants to find something to inspire her again. That something being a hot man with black, curly hair. Same, girl, same.

If you’re in for a comedic drama with sexual overtones, give this one a crack.

8. Malcolm & Marie

Sexiest Movies on Netflix
Smexy time.

Revelations, romance and a real monochrome vibe fill this sensual black-and-white Netflix original flick starring Zendaya and John David Washington.

The film follows a filmmaker named Malcolm, and his girlfriend Marie (bet you didn’t see that one coming) as they explore the nature of their relationship over one tumultuous night. And yes, that night looks like a glamorous perfume ad, but just go along with it, okay?

She’s his muse, but she also doesn’t support his work 100%, which can be a problem for someone who is so creatively driven and focused on every word the critics have to say.

It’s hot, it’s artsy, and there are entire articles written about the stupidly sexy architecture, so you know everything about this flick is divine.

Give it a watch you horny binch.

9. High Society

High Society Sexiest Movies on Netflix
A couple who are out for nothing but money? Now that’s sexy.

High Society dares to ask the question: What is sexier than money?

When it comes to basic, sexy romance flicks, you just know that the worse it’s rated by critics, the sexier it is. Don’t even give me the semblance of a plot, I just want to fire up Netflix and watch pretty people do pretty people shit.

The film’s got a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is garbage, but damn this film is just dumb, hot fun.

This Korean flick follows a university professor and his art gallery curator wife as they trade in a few of their morals in an attempt to make it into a world of luxury. Fkn hot. Read that again but slowly. A professor. A gallery curator. Two of the most basement-flooding jobs a person can have.

Love it. Get into it.

10. MILF

MILF netflix sexiest movies on netflix
Daddy and Daddy Look at these two respectable gentlemen!

Three French friends in their forties. Three turbo hotties with eight packs in their twenties. Bring the two together and you’ve got a sexy comedy about a summer fling full of sex and dating despite a rather large age gap.

Fire up Netflix, flick on the subtitles and watch a bunch of hot people navigate their way through the biggest problem of all: being hot. I would say I’m surprised that every cast member is super attractive, but they’re all French so…

When it comes to the sexiest movies on Netflix, this is my personal favourite.

11. Duck Butter

Duck Butter
More like fuck butter… badum tss.

Two women decide to spend 24hrs together after a magical first date, forcing each other to embrace the highs and the lows of their emotions across an entire day.

The catch? They agree to have sex every hour, on the hour, which makes for a lot of sex scenes. Like, a lot a lot. Almost too much at times. But that’s why it’s here on the list of sexiest movies on Netflix, I guess.

However, it’s a very interesting film that takes experimental risks and brings a lot of drama as well as sex. Definitely a movie for a more serious mood.

12. Elisa & Marcela

Elisa and Marcela netflix movies
It’s less about sex and more about going against the rules, which is sexy.

This flick tells the biographical story of Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, a couple who became the first recorded same-sex marriage in Spain in 1901.

How did they do it? Well, they disguised themselves as a heterosexual couple, of course, and fooled the fuck out of the church.

This Netflix film is a lovely little look into queer history, so definitely give it a watch.

I would absolutely call it one of the sexiest movies on Netflix. What is steamier than forbidden romance?

13. Lust Stories

lust stories sexiest movies on netflix june july
I wonder if this movie has any stories about lust in it.

Lust, sex, desire, marriage. These are the four things that I want out of life, and not much more to be quite honest.

This film includes four short segments put together that capture the lives of four very different people exploring love in modern India.

It’s hot, fun, and one of the sexiest movies on Netflix. Also, it doesn’t have as much heavy drama as some of the other flicks on this list, so sit back and relax.

14. 365 Days

365 Days Sexiest Movies on netflix
Who wrote this film? I’d like a word.

She’s a sales director. He’s a member of the Sicilian mafia. I really do wish that they decided to go with a pairing that wasn’t so commonplace in society.

He kidnaps her (not very sexy) and forces her to fall in love with him in 365 days (not at all sexy). It’s like Beauty and the Beast meets 50 Shades of Gray, and while it’s quite plotless at times, you’d only ever watch it for the sexy moments anyway.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a list of sexy Netflix movies that doesn’t include 365 Days or its two wild sequels. Definitely a movie with a lot of sexual themes, albeit one with extremely problematic undertones.

I hesitate to call it one of the sexiest movies on Netflix given its entire premise, but a lot of people seem to be fans.

15. 365 Days: This Day

365 Days: This Day sequel
Nothing but horny vibes over here.

She’s a sales director. He’s a member of the Sicilian mafia. He’s a hot and sexy gardener trying to get inbetween their new marriage. Again, these situations are way too common to be making movies about.

The sequel to 365 Days and the second movie in the trilogy (yes, this is a trilogy) focuses on a whole lot of batshit fuckery, so if you’re trying to focus on your sexy time maybe this isn’t the movie for you.

However, there are identical twins, rival mafia gangs and steamy, steamy sex. What more could you ask for, really?

And yes, the third movie is also available, but it’s been described as a “moronic Polish bonk fest” so don’t go in expecting much.

16. Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Dream first date.

A movie about a salacious private affair? Do yourself a favour and watch this IMMEDIATELY.