Ahh, Sex/Life – I thought I was done with you, finished, spent, and then the show’s star Sarah Shahi had to go ahead and share the script for some of the show’s wettest scenes. And now I must inhale them all. Let us begin.

Shahi, who starred as Billie in Sex/Life, hopped on her Instagram story to highlight how different Sex/Life’s script is compared to others.

I mean, nothing is left to the imagination here! It’s like reading a very horny book.

“The difference with the sex scenes in this project was EVERYTHING was on the page,” Shahi shared.

“Unlike other scripts that can be a bit more vague in their descriptions. This allowed for an emotional point of storytelling to happen THROUGH the sex scenes. Not just Sex for shock value.”

The first page of the script Shahi shared was from episode 2 – the pool scene. You know the one I’m talking about, I don’t even need to explain it. And if you’re still unsure – well, you won’t be in a second.

Sarah Shahi.
Instagram / @sarahshahi

Voluptuous exhaustion – I’m going to try and use that in a sentence this week.

Next up is the GYM SHOWER SCENE. Not that this bit needs an introduction, but it is certainly the scene that put Sex/Life on all our radars. Thank you Brad’s (Adam Demos) monster cock.

Instagram / @sarahshahi

I can’t –

“Cooper can’t help but lower his eyes to check out Brad’s package — the instrument that brought his wife so much pleasure. And SHIT — his worst fears are confirmed — Brad’s junk is impressive,” the script reads.

I’m sorry, but a nice car is impressive. Brad’s junk is something else entirely.

But wait, there’s more. 

This next bit is when Cooper (Mike Vogel) takes Billie on a date… inspired by her pool-fucking with Brad.

Sarah Shahi.
Instagram / @sarahshahi

I don’t think Billie got to cum, because the pool Cooper had brought her to actually belonged to one of his clients who he thought was in Singapore on business. Spoiler alert: he was not in Singapore.

To wrap things up, Shahi shared the script for the elevator scene. In it, Billie is pretty nervous because she’s about to meet Brad’s mum… or dad. I’m not sure, I wasn’t really focusing on that bit. Anyway, to help her relax Brad fingers her in the elevator.

Shahi prefaced this scene the only way she could:


Right, anyway – script time:

Instagram / @sarahshahi

HOO BOY, I need a cold shower now.

Sex/Life, featuring all four of these scenes, is streaming now on Netflix.

Image: Netflix / Sex/Life