NO: Sex/Life Has Been Axed & We Can’t Help But Feel This Is At Least 2 Monster Peens Too Early

sex/life has been cancelled by netflix

In an absolute shock announcement, the TV series Sex/Life has been cancelled and will not be returning for a third season. So hang on, things appeared to be going so well — how did this happen?

According to Deadline, a Netflix spokesperson said the second season had sufficiently wrapped everything up with a nice little bow.

The spokesperson also added that the platform was proud of the project and that there was bad blood.

Hmm. Somehow I feel like there might be more to the story but pop off, I guess.

Looking back on it now, there were a few clues Sex/Life might’ve been treading on rocky ground.

The show’s star actress Sarah Shahi discussed the varying level of support she received across both seasons of the show’s production.

“I definitely did not have the support that I did the first season,” she said candidly on the Not Skinny But Not Fat poddy.

“It became a much different thing for me, and I’m not afraid to say that. I struggled with the material.”

The series, which also stars Adam Demos, first hit screens in 2021 and quickly gained a huge following.

In the first four weeks after Sex/Life‘s release to the streaming platform, Netflix reported it had been viewed in over 67 million households across the world. Simply mind-boggling numbers.

The show was originally inspired by the 2016 book 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easto.

Despite being cancelled, the show’s second season has begun airing on Netflix.

It features a bunch of wild moments such as the infamous monster peen scene which on its own makes it worth the watch.

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We simply love a horny show here at PEDESTRIAN.TV. It’s arguably our worst-kept secret.